Saturday, April 22, 2006

Here's the little flutter designed by Kaye Judt that we tatted in tatting guild this morning. No simple little butterly! LOL! He's tatted using purl tatting and self-closing mock-rings. He's a bit off from the original too. I shall have to make him again.

After guild, I met a friend in Greenfield for lunch at Applebee's. Our waitress was named Regina and I mentioned that was my name too. She said she had never known another Regina. It was many years before I met one myself, but there are at least 2 others on campus now, and one also has the same last name as me. A chair vendor who came in to pick up a clipboard he left at a job was amazed to find that out (after he went to the wrong one to retrieve his clipboard). After lunch, Suzanne & I went to Riley's Emporium. I was sure the last time I was there that there was a sign saying they were moving to a new location...but they were in the same spot! I love this place. Right off the bat, I spotted this LARGE piece of teneriffe. It's heavily starched - I guess it was considered a doily all by itself. It was $2.00 and 20% off so I grabbed it to add to my lace group's lace collection. I'm not sure whether to try to reblock it or not. I think the way it is adds to its authenticity. I would also like to know how the maker knotted so close to the edge without concern for it sliding off the end? Interestingly, some of the diamond weaving involved 5 pairs of threads and some has 6 pairs of threads. I couldn't find a specific pattern to it so it must have been the maker's whim.

I love going through the laces and linens but didn't have time to really comb through them. I bought a few embroideries but this drawn-work piece is one I love and only fifty cents. It measures about 13" x 20". I bought a blue table cover and 4 napkins with beautiful drawn-work the last time I was there. There are bins full of crochet work. I seldom see any tatting and none jumped out at me today. I did see rings, done in large thread and coarsely, around an embroidered doily in another booth but felt the quality poor and left it.

I found this ruby ring in a locked case in a booth where everything was 25% off. It's 14 caret gold so I presume the rubies are real - thought not necessarily. And the diamond chips. It also fit me. GRIN! My fingers are on the small side and most rings found in places like this are too big. I saw a few other pieces of jewelry I liked but felt like I was splurging just buying this one so I left them for someone else. Besides, I continue to wear my Black Hills Gold rings and that doesn't leave me much room for any others.

I also bought some used magazines on painting. Upstairs there was a room with sewing and craft books/magazines but they haven't really put it in order and after sifting through 3 shelves, I was bored with it. There were several Workbaskets there but my collection is fairly complete until the last few years and I no longer am desperate for tatting patterns so I left those too for another lucky soul to buy.

After the Emporium, Suzanne & I went to the root beer stand and had an ice cream cone and then pulled into the nearby park where they were having an art show. It was almost over and many had already taken their work down but we still got to see many lovely paintings. It made me want to run home and paint .....but here I am, keying instead!


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