Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Somebody stop me from buying any more of these! I had some to begin with, bought 2 packages in Australia, and then bought these at a flea market a few weeks ago. They look so inviting to tat in but I certainly don't need 50 of them! They are silver and gold metal bracelets in case you can't tell.

I tackled my Romanian Point Lace again. There was an angel and a butterfly I really wanted to do but decided to go for the super ultra simple motif first. This time I put clear plastic over a paper pattern and basted them both on doubled over fabric. Then I couched down my cord and hid my ends. That was interesting. I can never tell if my thread is going to show on the back.

I used the fillings recommended in the book by Thompson and Waller for the outer petals but I sucked at that one so I cut them out and tried the netting here. Then I used a filling of my choice for the center petal but I didn't have room to fit in all the pairs of threads to weave through so I adapted. LOL!

The next step was the center, a spiral, a star, a wheel. It's called many things according to the needlecraft. And then the leaf fillings. I hadn't practriced fillings for any other shape besides oval so the feather stitch was a challenge. I looked in every book I had and still found it difficult to define exactly what the feather stitch was. I was looking for direcitons for the basic feather stitch. There were lots of variations but how was it supposed to go to begin with?

Here it is off the pattern. I didn't have high hopes but it looks better than I expected. Not perfect but not too bad for a beginning project!


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