Monday, April 17, 2006

Saturday, my daughter & I drove to Commiskey, IN to Stream Cliff Herb Farm to do a nature walk and floral wire basket. My birthday gift to her was her choice of which class to take and this was what she chose. They have a lovely little garden there with small water features, a pink playhouse, and plants and statues all over. This little water feature had several real live frogs sunning themselves on the moss.

We registered and picked up our nametags and walked around for awhile. They also have an enchanting little gift shop full of herbal soaps and creams and such, as well as books on gardening and fairies and many many other gift items. I didn't buy anything this time but much of it was tempting!

Then we gathered together and host Betty Manning gave us some history of the farm which has been used for four generations. She read a poem and talked about flowers and how meaningful they are in our lifes.

Then we had a DELICIOUS lunch - a chicken salad croissant (large) along with some wonderful pasta salad that we failed to get the recipe of, some herbed crackers, cantalope with strawberries and another fruit that I don't recall, topped off with lemon bar dessert. We had a choice of lemonade or mint tea to drink and I got the mint tea. I was so full I didn't eat again that day except for an ice cream bar!

We then took a walk to a nearby property of theirs that bordered a creek and Mrs. Manning pointed out wildflowers and plants and told us bits and pieces about them. The bluebells were lush and plentiful. Here's my daughter at one of the waterfeatures.

Returning from our walk, we moved to the porch of one large outbuilding where the wire containers were lined up on a table. We each had a pot of begonias, ivy, pansies, and coleus to put in the container. That part took maybe 10 minutes TOPS. LOL! But we each have a lovely momento for the summer. She told us how to take care of them to get the best out of the plants. It was a great day for both of us!

We got some hail yesterday but I managed to bring it in before it got too beat up.

Last night I finished another Romanian Point Lace motif. Yes, I will get back to tatting soon, but I have to return the books to the I.O.L.I. library so I'm doing as much as I can from them.

Got this thread at Hobby Lobby on Friday night. I've already stated a RPL cord with the multicolored one. It's rayon and a tad smaller than size 10 thread but bigger than 20.


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