Thursday, April 20, 2006

Yes, I've been tatting! I'm working on this edging designed by a friend...and I wonder if she will recognize it? She passed it on to us a few years ago. I started it once and kept making mistakes so I gave it up for then. It's really very simple - I was just having a bad-tat day. Ever have one of those? LOL! The thread is a Sulky embroidery thread. It's about the size of 70/80 tatting cotton and nice and slick which makes it easy to un-tat or to open a ring. It will split if you prod it in the wrong place too, but I haven't had to mess with any one spot for so long that it frayed. I did accidently break it once and then when I attached the new thread, I cut the ball thread instead of the long end off so ended up winding a 2nd shuttle from the 1st to act as the ball thread and attached that to the 2 loose ends. Sounds like another bad-tat day, huh? I tatted another ring and chain and stopped at that point. I'll continue tomorrow.
Here's the upcoming project in the May Anna. I'm guessing that is a candle behind the paper. It looks like vellum. I'm wondering how they tatted the cord for the flower stems. They look pretty thick, don't they? And then, is the motif glued on or sewn on? Now wouldn't some beads add sparkle?

That reminds me.....I've been looking at some articles related to doing water color or acrylic painting for portions of scrapbooking. I saw a few clearance magazines at Hobby Lobby the other day but none of the projects in it looked interesting to me. I do want to use watercolors for some pages though. And why not add some tatting? THINK of the possibilities! Little tatted photo corners and frames. Blossoms and butterflies and critters and hearts and doilies and crosses and know. Everything.
Here's my next Romanian Point Lace project. I've had the cord done for awhile. Finally got around to putting the pattern on the muslin tonight. Once you get the pattern on the muslin, you can use it over and over. I don't have a collection built up yet so it takes some time to make it before I can do the fun part - the filling stitches. I think I'll use the gold thread this time for filling.


  1. Hi Gina,
    I hope you finished the Christmas tree by now. If need more help or new designs please visit my site

    Elena Iove

  2. Forgot to mention that I have 2 more versions of Christmas tree and more Christmas decorations(angels, bell etc)

  3. More than likely the motifs are sewn onto the vellum as glue warps the vellum and leaves a dark spot that would show.


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