Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The blue mask is done and this one is in progress. The strands are going to be "hair" but I don't know if I'm going to just put them in one place (probably - or else I'll be tatting day and night for the next month) or strung out or use them in another way. I figured out tatted eyelashes too but my first experiment didn't work out with the stiffening. I pinned the long picots over a waxpaper-covered pencil on the blocking board and then slathered glue over the lashes.....which came off with a solid sheet of glue adhered to them and it won't peel off so that I can even try a different method of stiffening! It didn't take long to tat and in fact, wasn't long enough so it's not a big issue. More play!

I was looking for a specific kind of pants I once saw in Threads magazine years ago that only took a single seam...I think. This is not the same kind but they are intriguing. This video from the Purple Unicorn shows how to put them on in various ways - largely used for Renaissance Fairs. The pants I was thinking of were made by a lady engineer and designed to move around easily in. I contacted her at the time and she offered help if I had trouble figuring them out but I didn't follow up with her. I didn't figure them out either.

Hey, ever wonder how you can convert cassette tapes to your computer? Wiki-How tells you! I have some old cassette recordings of my kids when they were little and of my dad playing on his guitar. I'd like to preserve those if I can and have been wondering how to do it.


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