Saturday, March 17, 2007

This has got to be the ugliest thing I've ever tatted! My apologies to the Irish for trying to make something commemorative! It started out well, looking to be about the size of a coaster from the antique pattern, but as I went along, I could tell it wasn't looking right! I ended up blocking it over the bottome of a large vase so I couldn't pin down the zillions of picots or shape the chains easily. As you can see, it's nicely bowl shaped. It could be a bag with a drawstring. It could be a snood, with a ribbon pulling it up. Or it could be jar doily with gaps so wide it would be useless for keeping flies out! LOL! I haven't given up. I will play with the pattern and see what I can adapt. I did manage to bridge to every round, but had to refill the shuttles twice for the last round so I might as well have cut and tied on that one.


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