Saturday, March 24, 2007

Fractals are a design inspiration. I use them from time to time just to look at. Ruth Perry used one recently to design a pattern for the Calendar Blog.

Here's version 2 of the doily I made recently. I actually got to the shamrocks and flowers today but it's still not working out right. I reduced the length of the chains but that's not the real issue. The shamrock and flower circle motifs are not wide enough...they make the rest of the doily bowl so I have to make the chains even shorter or the motifs wider. The print on the original that was scanned is very light but the numbers are clear. I think they made a mistake in counting the picots....I can't count precisely from the picture but I'm pretty sure the chains are shorter and with fewer picots than what is instructed.

I got all the cords couched down on the RPL mask. figure out the needlelace fillings. I was looking through my book last night and was reminded of how inexperienced I am at this as I drooled over pretty lace stitches.

This is today's project in tatting guild by Kaye Judt. It can be an earring or a pendant. I don't wear tatted jewelry as a rule although I have some very nice pieces so I will probably find a different way to use this. There were quite a few there today. The room was actually crowded!

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  1. Lynda3:18 PM

    LOVE, LOVE the respberry lace.....I have always loved fractals. I discovered them when my boys were little and we were having fun with math. We did a search on our computer encyclopedia(is that how you spell it?) and found I printed out a few and we had a great time recreating them and coloring them in.


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