Friday, March 16, 2007

Lace Makers
Slideshow on Bobbinlace by Sewdoll

Stitchdiva has a free tutorial for hairpin lace as well as patterns to purchase. I thought this skirt was intriguing. Clearly you would need a fabric lining, but isn't it sassy?

There are also tutorials for other forms of crochet and knitting, plus wire knit and crochet along with the use of beads. Hairpin crochet and tatting work together beautifully. This should get a few creative minds going!

My antique doily is finished but it is bowl-shaped, not flat. I have it blocking over a vase for now which means it will not lay exactly right since I can't pin it. I need to go back over the original pattern and see what happened. I knew it wasn't going well after the first few rounds but every time I checked what I had typed out against the original, it matched. I think there are too many chain stitches. The photograph looks like fewer stitches but it's old and not very clear. The directions say..."25 p with 2 ds between" which I took to be a chain with 25 picots and 2 ds between each one. That's too long. The next version won't have that many picots, let alone that many chain stitches. It tatted quickly until the last row. Far far too many picots!

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