Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I finally broke down and ordered Nancy Tracy's book, Tat's where I Stopped. I rarely tat bookmarks these days but every time I went to her website to see the free monthly pattern, I would see the book. I didn't realize until I got it that there is a baseball bat and baseball....excellent for little boys!

I couldn't resist trying it on!

I got my latest issue of Anna and quickly skimmed through it, disappointed that there was no tatting. Not only no tatting, absolutely nothing I would make. Later on I looked through it again, looking for the next month's preview, and noting that there was a sweater on the very last page that I liked....but no preview. I kept searching...what was going on?....and finally read the paper that was tucked inside with an envelope. The paper informed me that Anna was no longer being published and this was the last issue. Then some info on choices for the remainder of my subscription. I'm so disappointed! This is one of the rare magazine subscriptions I have. Even though I didn't like much in this issue, it generally had such a variety that there was always something I wanted to try. BUMMER!!!!


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