Friday, July 27, 2007

Finally...I'm back to my blog and checking the drafts, I see I loaded this photo and had written some of the following without publishing. The doily is now in its owner's possession and she loves it. She commented that she liked the way the variegated thread went around the black....the problem is, it's not a variegated thread! The black motifs bled into the ecru when I wet the whole thing to block it. I never would have expected that! That's one of the issues you come across when you work with unknown threads. I don't know who the tatter was or where she (or he) got their thread. I do know they tied knots at the end and didn't hide the ends and that they ironed them.

I was very sorry to remove the Japanese Tatting Ring but every time I tried to go there, each link took me to the same page so I took it out of my links. There was some beautiful tatting there if you had the patience to find it.

In the meantime, I'm down to 2 motifs for my friend's doily. One is partially completed but I haven't been home enough to work on it. I was hoping to finish it by tomorrow night so I could scan it. Oh, I do have my camera..and no way to download them yet! (obviously this was an earlier entry!)

My yellow bag which has been to Egypt and back! One of my lace group members won it in our Lace Day Drawing and took it with her on a trip to Egypt last month.

Vintage bag that is very similar although I think the outer motifs look slightly different - I'm not sure they are. I think the centers may be the same but sized differently. Oh, there are more small rings. I also added a hen & chicks edging on the top of mine.

CQ MagOnline has a new issue! I've been so busy I didn't even realize it was time. I've been studying for a test I have coming up Tuesday (not nearly as much as I should be!) and doing some watercolor painting. I've tatted too, mostly trying to use up threads on shuttles and on floss holders, but I didn't bring any books with me to the place I'm house-sitting at. I have a few printouts and I can do simple things from memory, but I purposely did not bring my tatting so that I would focus on other studying. HA!

Last weekend I packed up a bunch of beads and thread and hauled it over with me. I really don't know why...I'm also working on a scrapbook but so far I've not even been able to get the photos sorted out. I've got them kind of sorted but I'm in the process of duplicating some ( a lot more than I thought I would) so I haven't even started on layout or themes.......I think this weekend I will take back all that tatting stuff and just keep the floss holders of threads and my shuttles and workbox. I can get lots of roses and butterflies done if I really feel a surge to tat.

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  1. Gina, I love the finished product! The bags are beautiful too!


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