Sunday, July 01, 2007

Variegated thread doesn't work well with everything. I played with this size 60 thread in split rings, wanting to make a circle around something very small. Unfortunately, the distance between repeats is so long that you can't really see it on a small tat - it looks disjointed and inconsistent. I tatted off the rest of the thread on my shuttles and while you can see the changeover,it would take quite a length for it to be appealing to the eye. Some variegateds are soooooo pretty on the ball but it depends on the motif design and the length of repeat for it to look good tatted up. I had a little hummingbird I tatted that managed to have the red at the throat and the green at the feathers, which worked out perfectly, but I learned to be careful where I started tatting on the thread to get it to work out right. It was a different thread from this one, including some pink and the red and green were more muted.

I've actually done quite a bit of tatting in the past 24 hours. I wasn't trying - actually I'm procrastinating studying for a test. I read for awhile and my eyes get sleepy so I get up and do something else, including tatting at the computer - a most uncomfortable position!

So...this is a tease. I'll show it and tell you about it later.

Friday morning, before I left for work, it just happened that I had some glitter glue pens and these butterfly pins in the same general area so I "wrote" on the butterflys and took off. I think they are quilting pins but I use them on the blocking board mostly in places I need something a little heavier than a regular pin. They're easy to find for unpicking a stitch too.

And here is another tease. Are you noticing a pattern of any kind?


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