Saturday, July 14, 2007

I xeroxed the motif in two different formats for Lila's approval. This one uses all eight motifs but is a bit odd in shape. This is the one she liked however, so I hope it comes together okay.

This formation left one motif out, which I thought could be a coaster or something but she really preferred the unusual structure of the first one so I don't have to worry about what to do with the odd man out!

I took part in Mary Donohue's Christmas in July Tin exchange and showed what I sent Melody in the last post. Since then, I've received hers! Melody painted this lovely tin and added a needle tatted edging and some very pretty motifs on the lid! She also included 2 balls of thread, a shuttle, a bookmark that matches the tin trimming,tiny pink buttons and some wintergreen mints! The card is also of her making.

Here's a little closer view of the tin. What a fabulous job! Thank you again Melody!

This weekend I start my month of housesitting and I went to Paula & Craig's last night for last minute instructions. Paula will be gone during my birthday and also wanted to give me my gift. She gave me this beautiful embellished bag...sequins and elegant. She thought I could carry around my projects in it but it's almost too nice! I might put my hardanger in it until I get the project done. (Just started today in lace guild!) See the tea-for-one?

The Tea-for-One is actually a salt and pepper shaker! I think I have a tea-for-one that very closely matches this. I just think it's adorable!

Here's a closer-up view of the bag. For the moment, I have it hanging on my iron screen room divider in the living room. I'll probably take it with me today when I haul my clothes out to their house. Thank you Paula & Craig!


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