Monday, December 17, 2007

I downloaded all my pics but I wasn't going to post tonight, hoping for an early night but I have plans tomorrow night so thought I better do it now! When I saw Georgia had this new shuttle I had to have it! If it wasn't already taken...and it wasn't. I like it even better than the other one. And isn't that tin beautiful? Merry Christmas to me! And that reminds me of one more thing I didn't get will have to wait.

Yesterday I was trying to empty some shuttles and there was one with white thread and one with red thread, so I decided to do Jules' candy cane again but I didn't want to hunt down the matching ball threads so I tied the two together which made the rings and chains opposite colors and gives it a different look. I like the original better, but I'm glad I tried it.

I'm trying to find motifs small enough for ornaments, shown next, and found this angel by Lenore English. Tatted in size 20, she says it is about 2 1/2" tall so I thought in size 70 that it might be just right....but it's too big. I used two shuttles and just made the head ring with the ball shuttle instead of doing the shoelace trick. The other bit is another minitat from Patti Duff and it turns out, it is just right. I was emptying the shuttle with this one and probably will not put it in an ornament but maybe I'll find a card it will be suitable for.

This minitat is done in the Altin Basak thread that I've been working with. I think I will try to find a different colored background to make it stand out more. I just turned the photo ad around, mostly to see how it fit and what it would look like. I may try to make this same motif in gold and see how it looks. A white background might set off the gold perfectly - although I would put real card stock or some other material there.

I tatted this one in the silver sewing thread by Coats added to a Sulky silver thread. The Coats is very strong and might hold up on its own when closing a ring but then it would be almost too tiny. I like the way the silver sets off the silver in the ornament though. I'll try different backgrounds with this too. I tried scanning it with a red background but I didn't like it.

And for now....I'm off to bed!


  1. Wow! You've accomplished a lot! I love the tatted motifs in the picture frames... what a wonderful idea for NEXT Christmas!

  2. What a lot of beautiful work! You are such an inspiration. The framed work is exquisite!

  3. The new shuttle is lovely and I adore the little framed ornaments...especially the blue star!

  4. The frames came from Michael's. I bought these this year, but I have some that I got on clearance last year....if I take the time to find them! I love putting tatting in them.

    :-) Gina


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