Friday, December 14, 2007

The snowflake is done! The tatting part was easy..and for some reason, the thread got easier to work with. I think I just got the knack of handling it. Still not one I want to use on a regular basis but it did make the flake so pretty and sparkly. I have silver beads on the tips. It turned out much larger than I expected. I added the shuttle to show how big it is in contrast. I think I like Liz's version better than the original. The original had some tiny rings in the inner part of the points too and it just looked cluttered to me. Tiny rings in thread this size often looks bulky. The pattern was originally from the online class but I don't remember if Liz's version is posted on there or not. The online class is done until after the holidays but you can join anytime! Lots of inspiration and support there.

Another angel! I call this one the Festive Angel because I used festive colors, but look what all that festivity has done to her wings! Her feathers seem a bit ruffled. I blocked her and still cannot get those buggers to lay straight. May have to take the iron to her. LOL!


  1. Ok you went over the top on this one Gina. I love it. Just think of what she would look like in christmas colors...HMMM!

  2. I love the snowflake! I think maybe you call angel this "Carnival". She is very festive!


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