Sunday, December 09, 2007

Moving along in my binder of printouts - these are all Christmas related printouts - it was late and I wanted to tat something quick....just enough to get me unwound for the evening. I found this sweet little angel, designed by Birgit Phelps in 2001.

If you go to the main page link, you'll see several other patterns by Birgit. I found a variation of her simple angel by Martha Ess that I did not see before and absolutely have to try now!

Surfing the other day, I found an Australian stitcher posted a vintage tatted doily that an aunt had made on her blog. It's lovely seeing they used color back then, which I've read that they did but for some reason, everyone thinks they only tatted in white and ecru.

One nice thing about the internet is that you find so many wonderful people who also love tatting. A new friend in Virginia gifted me with a copy of this book of edgings by Karey Solomon. I love her creative titles: zinnias, happy, lake shells, stand up and cheer, mittens on the line, perfume bottles, cat and mouse, hopscotch, building bridges, and so on. There's quite a variety in there.

Juanita also sent me a hanky! I have plans for a quilt with my hankies, but I also ran across some hanky angels in my craft directions last night, so I might make a few of those. I can name the angel after the giver of the hanky! And if I do that, then I have to tat edgings on them!

I had a tree disaster last night. I was putting up my artificial tree, which is probably close to 15 years old, and was beginning to hang ornaments when I noticed the top kept leaning.....a lot! I kept straightening it up and it kept flopping more and more until I realized that segment was breaking. In frustration and tears, I walked away from it for the night. This morning, I figured out I could duct tape it and put greenery around the duct tape.

You think I'm kidding? LOL! I bought a roll of green duct tape today and a card of pre-lighted garland. I got the pre-lighted garland only because it was the only greenery I could find for under $10 but it will make a nice addition to the tree. Normally all the lights are towards the outer edges of the branches. This will add some light and color to the center of the tree. I'll get a new tree on clearance after Christmass or just wait until next year. I have neither the money or the inclination to buy one right now.


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