Monday, December 03, 2007

I tatted
Aussie Julie Patterson's
Bellflake using 2 sulky embroidery threads. One was metallic and didn't like all the manipulation I was doing. The directions call for size 20 and I was experimenting but I'll try it again with a more stable thread later.

This is also a pattern by Julie. She offered it last year but I just got around to tatting it. I made the first strip the wrong color, so the colors are backwards, though it doesn't really matter. It's a quick tat and easy as long as you notice the stitch count does change to make the curve.

I found these online while looking for something else. These are from some early exchanges I was in. I still didn't know split rings or split chains. I was just beginning to find good thread. One of these is tatted in size 8 perle cotton - really! I believe the exchange was in 1999...when I'd only been tatting a little over a year. Here is where I found'll see others there too.

I don't remember who they went to. You might notice they were all Workbasket patterns. I didn't have hardly any books at that time. Actually, I'm not sure I had anything besides a Coats & Clark How-to and Workbaskets.


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