Friday, December 07, 2007

Okay...I'm sort of in a rut now tatting Christmas trees that I've never tatted before. This is another printout, from the same page protector as the last one so it was probably printed out around the same time but this one doesn't have a url on the page and the author doesn't give his/her name anywhere or even contact info for questions. It's possible I copied it from a post to a list to a word document. I didn't always think back then that I would need the name and email for future reference. I know I've seen this somewhere but can't think of where just now so if you know who designed this, let me know!

Speaking of Christmas trees, while reading Sherry Townsend's post about her advent of gifts in the Secret Santa exchange, I followed her link to Linda Davies' blog with the wonderful Christmas Tree Earrings!

Surfing...I found Craft Leftovers and one of the projects, a crocheted twine Welcome Mat, caught my eye. Inexpensive, okay for beginners - a great gift! It can also be a cat-scratching mat! I had a spool of twine in the house for ages that the cats would go to when they felt the urge to spiffy up those claws.

And speaking of recycling, look at this Felted Recycled Sweater Flower Wreath from Craft. I think some tatted florals might just set that wreath off!

Check the site out further and you'll see 99 Octopuses on a Tree. Now..I don't know WHY anyone would put octopuses on their Christmas tree but you gotta admit they are cute little buggers.

Need a gift for a guy? How about this crocheted baseball beer cozy?

Oh..hurry! Before the snow and sleet totally annihilates all the fallen maple leaves! Check out this Maple Leaf Roses tutorial!

I think a lovely tatted doily could be wrapped and beribboned around the stems of this one. I love recycling when it doesn't look recycled. You know.....I have acres of trees around me and they have spread a fabulous carpet for me every time I step out the door...when the snow melts, I just might be able to find a few to play with!

Teach kids how to knit the with Finger Knitting. Intriguing!


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