Friday, May 09, 2008

Creativity Contests!

The American Sewing Guild is sponsoring an an ASG Creativity Contest. One of the award categories is "most creative use of fabric and/or trim". You must be a member of ASG to participate, but it sounds like a fun gig to me!

Want to know how to compensate for beer-belly ease when knitting for the male in your life? Check out Knitting Daily! They recently had a gallery with male models from the office that I enjoyed a whole lot more than the women. LOL! Anyway, it brought up questions about how to adapt patterns for men. They just covered the subject of adapting for different sized women recently so if you knit, there's lots fo good info here.

My woodworking coworker made up the wooden part of the Puerto Rican Travel Pillow for me and delivered it day before yesterday. I get to finish the wood and add the padding. I have no idea when I'm going to get to that, but hopefully in June sometime.

In return, I'm tatting him an amulet bag from Dianna Stevens' It's in the Bag. I've made so many of these! It's a quick tat once you've strung the beads (560 of them) I got confused late at night while stringing beads and thought I was 100 beads shy so I added 100...only to find out I didn't need them. I had miscounted. Twice. Seasonal allergies have my eyes burning and itching lately. Counting beads is usually not an issue but it sure was that night. And then last night, about 11:15 p.m., I realized I had joined the first ring of the 2nd half of the bag in the wrong place, so I have to cut out about 5 rings and start over in that spot. I decided to call it a night.

It's probably not the ideal bobbinlace pillow but I want one I can call my own and this is it. He was so quick with it...I think I'll ask him to make me a regular sized roller pillow base now. Besides, it makes it special when you know the maker. I have several lovely bobbins from friends. I think I will make a roll up bobbin case with specific slots for the bobbins from my friends...embroidered with their names. umm...maybe next year. I just came across my list of goals for this year. I have a quilt I absolutely have to finish this year. But before I can get to it, I have to finish my sorting and cleaning and to do the sorting and cleaning, I have to somehow carve out some time and be in the mood at the same time.

I should be wrapping up Pam's monthly drawing gift this weekend. Yep, I've been so busy I have barely gotten hers done before the next drawing, coming up on the 13th, next Tuesday!

TwinsOH ~ And congratulations to Maureen in Brisbane on becoming the grandmother of twins Max & Emily! I suspect we won't be hearing a lot from Maureen for awhile.

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  1. I love this amulet bag. I've always wanted to make one. I guess it's time! I need to buy this book. Maybe I'll make a list for the girls to get me for Mother's Day!


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