Saturday, May 31, 2008

Pam finally opened her package! I was soooo late in sending it! I kept experimenting (probably not a good idea for monthly winner stuff but I can't help myself) and things did not go as smoothly as I expected. Anyway, I finally got it sent and then after she got it, she waited ALL DAY to open it! LOL! I consider Pamela a friend on a personal level so it was great fun making this for her. I remembered in particular, all the flamingos she tatted from Jane Eborall's pattern, and from Martha Ess's book, adding a twist or two of her own.

I thought all those birds probably needed a place to roost in (do flamingos roost?) and the little pouch could do the job nicely. The part that took me so long to finish was this shuttle. I couldn't find a flamingo small enough and then when I did, it wouldn't go on the way I thought it should. Eventually it all came together.

Just for the fun of it, I made a little flamingo striver, or stitch placeholder. The flamingo bead is from Von's bookstore which I believe Pamela shopped in when she visited here. For those who ever consider visiting in West Lafayette, Indiana, Von's is not only an intriguing bookstore, but there is a whole room full of beads, plus an assortment of crystals and finished jewelry. Then there is another section full of cards, t-shirts and a lot of stuff very reminiscent of the 70's.

I decided to make her an amulet bag while I was waiting for the shuttle to dry. It was a good move - I didn't know she has coveted owning one for a long time. I think this was after making the bag for my friend who made me the bobbinlace travel box, which is still waiting on me to complete.

There were other little odds and ends in her package too, but this is what was tatted.

I will be sending Sunela's package out on Monday. I've been on vacation all week so was able to get hers done in a reasonable time. Don't forget, if you've not already entered your name in the drawing, you can enter by emailing me and put "monthly drawing" in the subject line. You only need to enter once. I pick the winner on the 13th of the month, the anniversay day of when I started the blog in 2003.

Now, another amulet bag in progress which I intend to offer to the Stitch Pink Blogspot group for one of their drawings meant to help raise awareness of the importance of breast cancer screening. All I've got left to do is the cord.

And tomorrow, providing my test tatting tonight works out, I'll post the June Mystery Motif.


  1. This is all so wonderful! I think I might be coming around to the color pink too!

  2. There are a lot of lacemakers who have an aversion to the color pink. And then there is Erin Holloway who literally immerses herself in it! LOL! I wouldn't call it my favorite color but sometimes it is the best one for a particular project.

    :-) Gina

  3. Oooh didn't I tell you it was my lucky day when my name came out of the hat.
    I will be telling MY version of the package after you have all read my latest blog attempt.

  4. How sweet that you made all those things for Pam. I like the shuttle. So you made it? I am curious as to what kind of shuttle you used. Did you paint it? Use a sticker for the shuttle and stars? What did you use to finish it a spray or shellac? I've seen these decorated shuttles and I wonder how it's finished so the stuff doesn' peel off or fall off over the years.
    Very sweet.


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