Sunday, May 11, 2008

Stitchery Surfing

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There is a Pink Fiber Contest over at Stitch Pink! "This is our place where we can stitch pink! My hopes of this little site is to bring awareness of the importance of breast screening, and early detection of breast cancer. If you have a breast cancer stitch project you would like to show case, please let me know, and I will give you rights to join this group." While she is talking about cross-stitch, I think you can tat in pink and consider that stitching for a cause too. Check them out!

Videos of origami folding! I initially went there to see how to fold a panda corner bookmark and found tons of videos for all kinds of origami.

I would love to see directory of tatted bookmark patterns like this one of crocheted bookmarks! And you know you can convert crochet to tatting if you are really dedicated. LOL! Here's one for knitted bookmarks. Really...we need one for tatted bookmarks!

There is a Fiber Arts Fair in Franklin, Indiana at the Johnson County Fairgrounds in June. I'd love to go and check out the vendors.

The 8th Annual Tat Day in Greenfield, Indiana is June 27-28th at the Zig-Zag Corner Quilt & Basket Shop. The theme is Garden Friends and featured instructor is Karey Solomon!

Friday night is a pitch-in dinner followed by a tatted Flower Trug Basket. On Saturday, we'll be tatting a Night Garden filled with glowing white flowers, weeds and bushes that becomes the landscape for a luna moth, fireflies, a ladybug and other night critters who explore the garden after dark. Other activities include a Decorate a Flower Pot Contest (embellish a flower pot with tatting or fill one with tatting) and Show & Tell, plus time to tat and shop aside from the program. There will be door prizes and other goodies as well as lunch and snacks. Friday is $25 and Saturday is $48. There is a small kit fee for the Friday night session.

Sounds like a good time, huh? Contact Kaye Judt for more information.

Wish I had some tatting to show but everything I've tatted is for someone and can't be shown yet. Soon!

The Romanian Point Lace program with my lace group went well. Only 6 of us there, but with only 2 hours, it was better not to have too many people. It's got me wanting to work more with this form of lace but I just don't have the time right now.

I've gotten 4 scans of the mystery motif and all are correct and really really pretty. They look much better than the original photo - we are such wonderful tatters! I'll show the original on Thursday, the 15th.

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  1. I agree with you about tatting bookmarks index (since I love making them).


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