Thursday, October 23, 2008

Creativity - Change is the Prelude to Growth

I've been watching some very creative people change direction lately. That's not a bad thing, but initially I felt some sadness as a venture that I enjoyed came to an end. Just Be Connected is ending its run. It will be up indefinitely, but I'll miss the postings and connections to other creative people. I also read recently that Sharon Briggs won't be publishing a newsletter anymore. I haven't subscribed to the newsletter for a long time but not because it wasn't worth it. It was - I've just been limiting new purchases. It looks like there may be some changes in blogs and websites that need to find a new host unexpectedly too. I know the first two are moving on to ventures that will be every bit as creative and gratifying as what they've left behind. Change is good. I'm sure the others that were unexpectedly prompted to change will come up with something even better too.

I've been planning some changes too but they won't take place until the beginning of the year. They're just ideas for now, but they've been there for a long time and I knew during the summer that it was time. The one that I will tell you about is that I'm going to create a new blog. I'll leave this one archived but I want a new look and a new format. I'm currently going through old entries and labeling them, although I believe the search feature is as good as it gets to find something. It also gives me the opportunity to replace photos that show as an error now since I no longer use those photo hosts.

Just keep in mind.....CHANGE IS GOOD!!!!


  1. I agree - change is good. I change my knickers EVERY day!!!!

  2. The recent lack of posting on my blog suggests that not only have I discontinued the newsletter, but that I have quit tatting altogether. This is far from true. I already have a small doily 5motifs and part of a bookmark completed along with a bunch of beaded suncatcher motifs. I got stuck on the suncatchers because I wanted a whole rainbow of colours done. In my spare time,(LOL) I have been getting a local craft group going and getting the ladies online so that they can sell their crafts. I'm hoping to have enough new patterns done to have a book out in time for Christmas.


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