Tuesday, October 14, 2008

NATA #67

Yes, this is why I have #67 in the Nuts About Tatting Association. I dropped in at a new Goodwill in our area this evening and found these tins, a set of 6 though I only scanned 4, because they are shuttle-shaped. Won't they make the cutest little tarts or cakes? They are stamped "Nutbrown, Made in England" Google has only provided me the information that Nutbrown is the name of the company that manufactured kitchen tins and gadgets in the 1900's. I don't know if they are still around and I don't really know what these tins are for, but maybe one of our tatting friends from the UK can fill me in?

Just wanted to show the size in comparison to a Clover shuttle. It's about the size of a Tatsy shuttle.

And what kind of shuttle shapes do you find when you go shopping????


  1. Those are adorable little tins! Wouldn't they be great for making cute little pastries?

  2. Gina, your to cute :-) That made me smile this morning.

  3. Gina, I probably would've done the same thing, LOL! I love little pastry tins like that. They're small enough to be tart tins without the removable bottoms. How cute!

  4. Laurette10:33 AM

    When I saw those, my first thought was little shuttle shaped cakes decorated and textured like the little plastic clover shuttles with strings of Twizzlers as the thread. Or as jello molds with twizzlers.

  5. Laurette - oh..tortoise clovers made in chocolate or better yet - spice cake, and then drizzled with chocolate for the stripes!!!!

    Oh man...now I have to have a tea party. We'll tat teapots and eat shuttle cakes and lace cookies.

  6. These are really cool, whatever they are! You find the neatest things!


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