Sunday, October 05, 2008

I don't have a lot of photos yet. My ex took this one with my camera with me and my three sons before everyone got there. The groom is on the left.

My middle son (the one still available!) ushering me to my seat.

Aren't the flowers girls precious?

Libby and her father, John, starting the final walk down the aisle. My sister was sitting in the back row and graciously took the last 3 photos.

I have a few photos from the reception but I think those are probably boring to anyone who doesn't know the people. Anyway, it was an absolutely gorgeous wedding, with perfect weather,and everything went according to plan.

And now...back to my regular life.....

Clunies - Inspiration to get you going!

I was looking at the cluny daisy on Iris Niebach's blog, The Tatting Player, and followed the link for her inspiration to Fils et dentelles, a blog by Elisa Dusud. She's been using these clunies for well over a year and the designs are exquisite. I looked at 14 blog pages - each more enchanting than the one before. I can't read French and the online translator was only somewhat helpful, but you should go and let yourself be inspired to learn clunies if you have not already.

From there, I found a fun site where you can create your own flowers and use those and the creations of others to make a flower garden. I sent it to myself, expecting to find the same thing I created but it simply takes you to the site where you can create your own. Even so, it's a fun timewaster!

Yes, I did take some tatting with me to the wedding! I had started this Spinning Wheel glass mat that Diane has been tatting so many of lately in hand-dyed thread. I started it Thursday night to help me wind down from wedding preparations and then took it with me yesterday. I did tat a bit early when I was waiting for everyone to get dressed and prepped for photos. Once I started tatting it, I knew I had started it before but I don't think I have ever finished it. I keep getting sidetracked and then can't remember what it was when I find it again. I don't think I've even gotten this far in the past. I would bravely say I'd finish it tonight but I want to work up the instructions for the vintage edgings I've been tatting instead and get those posted soon, so it's unlikely I will get it done. I also have to remember what I was doing for Connie as the monthly anniversary blog winner.


  1. Oh, those are great photos. You have a nice looking family, Gina. How cool that you brought tatting with you to the wedding! That sounds like something I would do to wind down.

  2. Your sons are handsome. The girls are lovely, and the bride is beautiful! I'm glad you had wonderful weather for the wedding!

    I love the colors you're using for the Spinning Wheel... it looks so floral! The make your own flower site looks like fun, but I have no patience for making flowers right now... only tatting and knitting!

  3. The wedding photos are lovely. You look soooo pretty and your sons are very handsome. I am glad that everything went well. Get some rest!

  4. Great looking family Gina.
    Good luck with the Spinning wheel.
    Like your color choice

  5. You look really beautiful Gina! So glad everything went according to plan!


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