Friday, February 13, 2009

Final Blog Anniversary Winner!!!!!

Can you believe it? Today is officially the end of the 6th year of my blog. It's also the day of the final drawing for a blog anniversary winner. I've really enjoyed the challenge of doing this every month. Never knowing who it was going to be until I drew the name, then trying to come up with something that would connect with that person. I have to admit I'm behind again. Diane still does not have her package but I should be finishing it up anytime!

So now, without further ado....the final Tatting Goddess Blog Anniversary Winner is:

Marie Smith in South Carolina!!!!!!

Congratulations to Marie who is such a sweetie. If you've been to Palmettos Tat Day, you know who Marie is.

I bought this Valentine Tea-for-One at the grocery store last week. I don't think I have any specifically for Valentine's Day. Anyway...that's my story....

I found this fabulous bead collar at and wanted to post a photo as inspiration for tatters who like to work with beads. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten a response to my email for permission to use her photo yet and I'm impatient so you'll have to go to her website to see it. There's more than one and the page was slow to load even with my dsl.

I also found a sock monkey pincushion ring at this Etsy shop but it didn't look like the Red Heel work sock monkeys so I didn't get it. Just a regular monkey with a red mouth. I'm particular about my sock monkeys! LOL!

Tomorrow I get to open my secret valentine exchange but I will be gone most of the day so won't be able to post about it until later. I have lace guild plus I'm going to lunch and a movie with a coworker after that.


  1. Six years ... that's an eternity in the blog world, me dear..congrats to ye...

  2. Lucky Marie! I have never met her in person, but her reputation for being a sweet lady precedes her! :)

    I clicked on the link and it told me that the bandwidth exceeded something or other. Maybe you'll get permission soon so I can see it??? Hopefully. I was curious to see what you were talking about with the bead. :)

  3. Happy 6th Blog Anniversary! Have fun...

  4. Has a year gone past already? Has it been that long since you started the bloggervesary?. Thank you so much for picking my name in one of those draws.

    Congratulations on reaching the 6th anniversary. Looking forward for more years from you.
    Be happy and keep healthy.


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