Friday, February 06, 2009

I am so tired tonight! I caught up on a lot of paperwork today which involved several trips to the printer. It's a shared printer so I have to get up and go down the hall a little way to the reception area to pick up my printouts. Then I had to go to the copy room a few times too.

My new daughter-in-law's birthday is today but I will not see her until tomorrow. I saw this Amy Butler business card keeper online awhile back and thought it would be so cute to make. I've had it cut out for awhile and this was actually supposed to be my "practice" piece but ...I'm out of time!
Now that I've made it once, I know where all my mistakes can be corrected. LOL! I have the curve of the flap on the wrong side but I rather like it on this side now that it's done. The directions called for velcro and I debated about putting on a button and buttonhole instead but then decided the velcro would really be handier for what it is used for. I'm going to put gift cards in it for her gift. I'd like one for myself too, because I either forget I have gift cards or I can't find them with all the other "cards" when I do remember them. A separate holder for them would be great! It really did end up being quick to make in spite of my mistakes and reading each segment 4 or 5 times to figure it out. I've got ideas for the next one already!

When I got home last night, I had another package from the dear woman who is sharing her mother's tatting stuff with me. There were more hankies and some tatted bits plus some flyers/written patterns. I was especially intrigued by this sheet with the samples on it with prices. It seems she tatted your choice of edging on a hanky for this price. It's a fine thread and the samples are PERFECT!

Last night was my first night for the Beginning Thread Crochet class. One person couldn't make it, another probably will not make it at all, and I think one might have forgotten but I still had 2! We did the chain, single crochet and turned. Next week we'll do the hdc and dc and make the bookworm shown on the sample piece above. Most of them have crocheted...just not consistently. I wasn't able to prepare quite as well as I expected. I had lots of samples and books but not the exact samples I wanted. Many things are in the basement and it's just too hard to go up and down those stairs just now. At the weekend when my family is here, I can go down and let them bring up what I need when I find it.

It has gotten incredibly warm today...melting all the snow on the roof and revealing a leak. I called the insurance company when I found it but it looks like no one will be out to fix the tarp before tomorrow. I'll call in the morning to make sure before I leave. I think it stopped leaking for now.

Cormac is SO EXCITED! He has a playdate with Conor tomorrow and I've heard absolutely nothing else but his constant chatter about it! I may have to put him in his pouch if I want to get any sleep! It's a good thing it warmed up. He doesn't have any really warm clothes and I haven't had time to make him a coat or poncho or anything. I'll just tuck him in my pocket.

Oh...I've been so busy since I got home that I nearly forgot....I got another package tonight but this one is from New Mexico so I'm guessing it is my Secret Valentine. Anyway, I can't remember ordering anything - but that doesn't mean I didn't! Some things are just a blur these days!


  1. That is so cool that the lady had a lace sample page! Very cool that it is with someone who appreciates it! It looks like it's in the right hands, thank heavens!

    Thread crochet is so nice! I taught myself thread crochet a couple of years ago and have really enjoyed making some GORGEOUS patterns by a Patricia...somebody, LOL! I forgot this one designer's name she's fabulous. Maybe I'll post some of my thread crochet pieces (I've only done 4, LOL-coaster size!)

    Hope Cormac and Conner have fun!

  2. I'm glad you went with the Velcro on that card case, it makes it so quick and easy to open!!!

    Hope your little elf/goblin/leprechaun enjoys his playdate!

  3. The business card holder is very sleek and expensive looking. I like it! Good idea about the gift cards too. What a treasure you have receiving the tatting heirlooms. I will be interested to hear, and see, what mischief Conor and Cormac can get into! Did you get ANY sleep?

  4. I like the idea of a sample page. It would sure be easier to look at than the box of goodies I have now!

    Do you have any details on your guild's lace day yet? I'm seriously considering going to Paducah... haven't been there in years!

  5. The card holder looks great, I am sure she will love it.
    Wonderful someone is sharing their vintage tatting with you. Apprently she knows who will appreciate it.


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