Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Finally - a bit of tatting! This motif is Edelweiss by Rosemarie Peel in 20 Tatted Motifs. I used the thread and shuttle from my recent benefactor, Mary, and the Phoenix shuttle I have had for some time for my second shuttle. It was an easy motif but I started off wrong. For my second ring, even though it said to use shuttle 2, I used shuttle 1 because I knew I needed shuttle 2 for the chain after that with the ring thrown off and the yellow shuttle (#2) had the most thread. But the way the ring ends, you do not reverse work but continue on with the same thread for the chain so I was wrong. You can see my 1st big ring is off a little.

I wanted to see how the size of this motif would work for another project I have in the works. Except for my intial mistake - I think it will work for what I want. And maybe not. At least some shuttles and thread got put to use. I almost always use my clovers but there was only one empty one and it's clear at the other end of the house. This late in the evening, I'm lazy. LOL! Besides, I hadn't really tried my Phoenix one out yet. I have several I've never tatted with. This one felt really nice in my hands and I had no problem with it except the point is a little thick for joining. It might be okay for bigger threads but this is 50 or smaller. The yellow Boye shuttle is probably the only one in Mary's shuttles that did not have a label on it so I don't know what kind of thread - but it is nice and crisp so I'm guessing it is a cordonnett.

This book is a small one - I should really just work through all the motifs in it. Someday.


  1. Someone gave me a pheonix shuttle just like yours, Gina! :)
    Your Edelwiess motif is lovely.

  2. Wouldn't a spray of edelweiss look pretty on a hanky or a blouse? I think I have that book, but I've never tatted any of the patterns. Maybe this weekend...

  3. TattingChic - isn't it a nice shuttle? I wish I could have afforded the dragon one too but they're a bit on the pricey side to be buying more than one. LOL!

    Diane - I love the spray on the front of that book that includes the edelweiss motif. It's too big for my project, but the entire spray would be lovely on a blouse or jacket or even a pillow.


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