Monday, February 09, 2009

sigh....I just realized that I forgot to scan my secret valentine's heart before I sent it off. I forgot to scan anything! Oh well....

Cormac and Conor had a great meet-up on Saturady! I still haven't downloaded my photos but you can see how they got along on Carol's blog or at the Leprechaun's Blog.

I'd love to show my photos too and give you Cormac's version but I'm dealing with a little pain management today. I have an anti-inflammatory med that I take and it works wonders - so well that I forget to take it at the weekend on a regular basis and it catches up with me on Monday.

I'm currently tatting a heart by Mark Myers. I just had the smaller half left last night...had to retro-tat so I went to bed. Will finish it tonight and maybe post it if it's before I go to bed. In the meantime, it's back to leg propping and receipt sorting.

Mark Myer's Modern Heart - not very well done! I think I messed up on the bottom of the shorter side. Mark's pattern has the picots on the inside of the outer band but I didn't like them that way so I put them outside, but I don't like that either. The effect is very different from his original pattern, so I will probably make it again and delete the picots altogether except in the beginning center ring. And I might make josephine knots for the rings at the bottom of each side. We'll see.

I also accomplished 2 half butterflies tonight. The first one was a pattern by Ruth Perry. I was emptying a shuttle and ran out of thread before I got to the final wing. So then with a new thread, I started a new butterfly from Adelaide's book and now have to tat the wings on the other side....seemed like a good stopping point. I'm not happy with that one either. Maybe I just need to tat MORE. to bed now!


  1. I read Carol's blog, and it looks like the four of you had a wonderful time!

    Take care with that swelling and pain management!

  2. this heart stands out in red. i saw mark's pattern and his tatted heart in white.

    hope the pain's gone soon.

  3. I think the heart looks really pretty the way you did it!


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