Friday, February 20, 2009

My year of secrecy will soon be over! LOL! It wasn't intentional but it seems like everything I've done for months has been something I couldn't blog about until after the fact. So...we'll talk about crochet instead! I'm currently teaching members of my lace group beginning thread crochet on a weekly basis to help bring them up to snuff for the crochet project I'm committed to for the April program. This sachet/gift card holder is one of two projects I'm considering. It's supposed to be done in size 10 thread but I didn't have any size 10 in colors I wanted to use so I used size 20. That made it about an inch smaller than it should be but test-crocheting the pattern insured me that there were no mistakes and gave me an idea of what the skill level should be. At any rate, I really really like this!

And surprise! Here's the back. Done in size 10, it would easily hold a gift card but since it's smaller, I just stuck something in there to show the pocket. It would make a darling tooth fairy pillow for a girl too! It's described as a Mother's Day Sachet/gift card pillow. hmmm...I'll insert the source for this later. It was an online pattern, if I remember right. (This was a free pattern of the day from Annie's Attic, copyright Crochet Magazine, May 2007, pgs 68, 69, 93. I've noticed they do repeat patterns so check daily and you might catch it.)

The major issue with using this for a project is time. I only have about 2 hours. If they do the simple part ahead of time, which is the basic square, front and back and the pocket, which is all plain double crochet, then we might have enough time to do the rose, leaves and edging in the meeting. MAYBE. I have to remember that most of them crochet slower than I do. Sally also told me I could spill it over into the May meeting but I hate to make them wait that long to finish it.

This was a sample/homework for the ladies to practice with. It's all double crochet and chains, slip stitch, and increasing by multiple double crochets in one stitch and crocheting 2 or more double crochets together.

This is one I tried to see if it would be a good practice piece but I decided against using it.

Using size 10 thread after consistently tatting in 30 and 40 or smaller makes the size 10 feel like rope. At least I get to use up some of my old stash this way. I actually put a whole bag of cotton crochet thread in a yard sale last summer. I kept some that I thought I would use but not a lot.

AND....I'm getting very close to my 1,000th post!


  1. These are all very pretty, Gina. I really like the sachet. Of course, my favorite is the purple one at the end!

  2. I agree, they are all beautiful! I'm partial to the little tooth fairy pillow/card holder... what a great idea!

  3. Oh, I am totally lovin' that sachet! Such pretty colors and design! I love thread crochet, it's so pretty and it's like "instant gratification" compared to tatting, wouldn't ya say? LOL! This is inspiring me to post my 4 thread crochet projects that I am so proud of! I taught myself to thread crochet a few years's amazing how tatting really helps with getting the tension down so my crochet is not so bad, either...thanks to the tatting! :)
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful thread crochet projects.

  4. wow...they are pretty Gina

  5. They are so pretty!!! But the sachet is a WOW. I love it! It's been awhile since I crochet something.

  6. The sachet is beautiful!! I love that its so tiny.
    Thanks for visiting my site this week.


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