Sunday, February 01, 2009

I'm retiring this graphic for one that matches the color scheme a bit better. They are available from Penniwigs blog. I love seeing the different badges and games and meme's and I do appreciate being awarded, but the truth is, I really don't have the time or the inclination to respond and then I feel guilty about not doing so. It's like being rude to giver and it's certainly not what I want to do, so when I first saw Dame Penniwig's badges, I knew that's what I needed. I know other people feel the same way - appreciative but does become a burden at times, so this is a really nice way of saying 'I'll just watch, thank you'.

Dame Penniwig expressed an interest in collecting epherema so I sent her some of the cards I got in the goodie bag a few weeks ago and a bookmark. I wasn't expecting something in return but it's always a delightful surprise when you do get something. She sent this collection of beads which I'm dying to match up with some other pieces I have! The purple ones I can tat with and the charms will go on some special tatting also.
I also got these wonderful colored glass word stones. Ultimately I plan to tat around them ( a method I learned from Kaye Judt who learnt it from Karey Solomon and which you can see here.) and hang them on my inspiration board. In the meantime, I'm enjoying fondling them as they sit here on my computer desk. There are also a couple of scented candle tarts, which I'm also sniffing periodically.

I know...sniffing and fondling sounds like I've gone over the edge, doesn't it? LOL! At least they are inanimate objects!


  1. Cool goodies! Thanks for the link to Penniwig's blog! Those are very polite buttons...sometimes the awards and tags are a bit of a burden, fun at times, but can be "uncomfortable", too! Your charms and beads are fun! The charms would look great on so many tatted items!

  2. Ok
    Now I'm really laughing. I have a little mental picture of you in your cast, sniffing and rubbing while blogging and tatting.
    As I nurse I cannot diagnose, but I would suggest that you get yourself to a rehab center as it seems your addiction to all things string and craft related has become more severe (LOL)

  3. LOL! And eating, eating, eating...

  4. I feel the same way about the awards. I think I will go and get myself a little picture from her too!

  5. Halloo dearie...don't sniff the beads, one could become lodged in yer nostril and then...cast on foot, cast on nose, too...the looks you'll get...not worth it...


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