Saturday, February 28, 2009

We tatted this small simple doily in tatting guild this morning. Although it's done in three separate rounds, I just used split chains and split rings to climb out of each round.

It was tatted out of this - a Lizbeth thread that I purchased called Sea Shell. It's a nice soft feminine color. I had expected more contrast but there is really only the 2 shades involved.

I also purchased 2 other balls of Lizbeth, Carousel and Springtime which have more colors in them. One of the members was tatting hers in Springtime and I really liked the way it was working up.

I also bought 2 books on clearance there and a yard of fabric. LOL! Guess it was just my day to spend money.

Then I got home and my Shamrock Hinton shuttle had arrived! Unfortunately I don't have all my shuttles in one place anymore but from the ones that I can see, this is at least #20 of Hinton shuttles. I always think I have enough but then I get "just one more". I have favorites - the dragonflies, the butterflies, and the penguin. Then the celtic designs. And the dragons. (smile)

Do we ever have "enough"?


  1. What a nice shuttle! You have a lot of Chris's shuttles! I have about 4 now, is all. I know what you mean about "just one more", LOL! They're too pretty to pass up!

    How do you like the actual way in which Lisbeth thread tats up? I'm dying to try it! Like I need more thread, LOL! :)

  2. Gosh all three of those threads are pretty. They really make me think of springtime! And I like yer shamrock shuttle, it looks lucky!

  3. I love ow the small doily looks like! I bought some Lizbeth (1st batch) and I like it a lot. I think I got the same colors like you. Back then was with numbers only and didn't have names.

    Hinton shuttles are my favorite though I haven't been able to buy any for a long time. I miss mines terribly! Next time I'm at mom's I'll get a couple of them and tat with them. :-)

  4. I love your new thread colors! I also love Chris Hinton's shuttles. I'm patiently awaiting my shamrock shuttle!

  5. I like my Chris Hinton shuttles, too. I think I have five now. I really like the shuttle with the Dove and the Blue Opal...the Hedgehog is just fun!
    I like Lizbeth thread. Mine is from the second batch and just arrived. I made a bookmark this weekend and it is so smooth and has such a nice sheen and no twisting. I ordered a basic colors in light, med, and dark and a matching varigate. Also 2 rolls of the same color, which just looks yummy. It is called Cotton Candy and it is saying, "Turn me into the Butterfly Doily pattern that Joy sent (from 1937). I think the center would be the dominate color of cotton candy and the butterflies the multicolor.
    Always enjoy my visits to your blog.
    X Bev


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