Sunday, March 08, 2009

Another tree frog! I did join this one right but I made a few other teensy mistakes in its place. Somehow I got an extra toe bead on one toe. I switched to 3 seed beads as I didn't have any red beads between tiny seed and big eye bead. I didn't even catch it when I went to make the ring but one segment had 4 seed beads instead of 3. I can crush that one off although I've just let it go. I also somehow got one of the bottom feet going in the wrong direction (turned correctly for the scan) and I'm not sure how I did that. I do like the red eyes and red toes better. The other one had orange bugle beads and yellow eyes.

We finished up the filet crochet segment in my crochet class. This was actually a free session - they could catch up or clarify something we had done previously. Next week is the last one and I think I will do the rose for the sachet so that everyone has an idea of how it works and will be able to help others in the program when we have it. Several are interested in Irish Crochet so my next series will be on that. I only know the bare basics so will have to practice myself.

In this particular pattern for the initial coaster, it starts about 3 rows to the left of the letter and then when work has progressed all the way to the end, you come back and pick up at that row and go in the opposite direction. You do avoid making increases that way but in the scan, I can see the line distinctly. If I teach it again, we'll start at one end and finish at the other. I just wasn't able to prepare in the way I wanted.

And the reason I've been so busy and almost frantic at times is because we planned a surprise party for my daughter's 40th birthday. Her birthday is not until Tuesday but we celebrated last night. For a variety of reasons, we were not able to figure out what we were doing until barely 2 weeks before. That's not really enough time to plan a good party but I think we did okay. I especially wanted to do this for her as she has taken part in so many surprise parties for other people (including me) but had never had one herself. I thought it was time.

We really did pull it off. I thought she would figure it out ahead of time. The tree frog is missing - I know I put it in the card but it wasn't there. I hope it just fell into the other gifts or something because she was opening a whole bunch and had two little helpers, her grandson and step-granddaughter who are both toddlers. It turned into a very balmy evening and rained outside but we were nice and dry and comfy. Plenty of food and fun. After everything was cleaned up and put away, I met up with my daughter and her husband along with two of my sons and their spouses at a local restaurant/bar and had a well-appreciated glass of wine!

Now, on to test-tatting, Marie's package, and a project I was commissioned to tat, as well as 3 other lace-related projects that will have to wait until the following week!

And btw, the time changed to DST overnight. I was so enjoying it being light out when I went to work and now I'll be in the dark again for awhile.


  1. As an entertainment after stays in the bone marrow unit back in 04; my daughter Kristen took me to out-of-the-way Antique and Junk stores.
    In one of them I found a framed piece of Filet Crochet about 12" long by 8 1/2" wide. I brought it home and had her take it to the framer's and remount it with archival materials. I thought of the unknown person who put so much work into this lovely piece; it now hangs in my "Victorian" guest room. I like to rescue old laces and crochet and I know Kris and then her daughter, Rebekah, will carry on with the preservation. This is a lovely piece your class has done. I always wanted to learn to do this ~ only tatted.
    Something to set as a least one small attempt.
    hugs, Bev

  2. Your lil' tree frog is very cute. The 4th bead on that one toe is hardly noticable, in fact, I never would've noticed it had you not pointed it out. I had to strain to find it even at that, LOL! The filet crochet coaster is very cool! I love that beautiful crocheted rose sachet. I hope we get to see it again when you do it for that next class! :)

  3. Your tree frog is so cute! Love the toes!

  4. Your little tree frog is absolutely adorable.... love it!

  5. BJ, I tried doing filet tatting using one of Konior's methods. Crochet is so much faster. The tatting has a different look to it also - someday I'll try it again.

    Thanks to the rest of you for your "frog" compliments. I think he's adorable too.

  6. I have to try the frog! I have a daughter that it is CRAZY about them! Looks like he was ready to 'hop' away- so cute! I admire that you do filet crochet. I've tried but it has never worked for me(I need to be locked in a room with NO distractions and maybe I would do it right). Hope your daughter had a happy birthday.

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    You may pass it on as you please.
    This is just to let you know that you make my day!


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