Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday Musings!

Here's an amulet bag from Dianna Stevens book, It's in the Bag!. Plain white thread and multicolored beads. This will go on the raffle table where prizes for the drawing will be. (some kind of legal glitch about the word "raffle")

I'm emptying shuttles too. I made up the little white motif as I went. The butterfly is Mary McCarthy's pattern in the August 1990 issue of Workbasket. I'm going to make another Spring Basket and embellish it with these butterflies (more being made) and some kind of tatted spring blossom. Maybe the antique daisy motif from Little Grey Bungalow. This one will go on the exhibit table.


  1. super cute amulet bag

  2. I'm with Bonnie, it is a super cute amulet bag! The butterfly looks pretty with the lone skinny bead in the middle and the other motif is pretty, too! :)


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