Monday, March 30, 2009

Finally, a few minutes free.

Lace Day went well. I'm glad we only do this every other year. I was so busy last year that I wasn't in on the planning much until the last minute almost and then I was limited on what I could physically do. I still overdid it. I went home and crashed for nearly 2 hours on Saturday. Some heavy duty Tylenol helped. I really wish I'd had more money but I ended up spending more than I planned after all.

ZigZag Corner had nearly all, if not ALL, of the Lizbeth threads. I won a gift certificate in the drawing so I used it for thread. I don't have a scan or photo with me but I'm hoping to tat something with it SOON! The only vendor I didn't buy from was John Aebi but I did talk to him about my hickory tree and making a shuttle. He normally only does bobbins so it will be an experiment for him. I was SURE I'd seen shuttles there before. Maybe I should seek out a seasoned shuttlemaker? I also have a fallen sycamore tree that I'd love a lace tool from.

I bought one Italian magazine. I don't know what I was thinking of...there are NO diagrams. I experimented for a short while Saturday night using altavista translator and I can probably work it out but it will be a pain as I have to type in what is there to begin with, use the translator, and then figure out what it really means. LOL! Seriously - WHAT was I thinking of? ~ About half a dozen things in it that I just adored and am inspired to make if I can figure it out?

One thing that was brought up at our last meeting before Lace Day was the possibility of asking the local bead vendor to join in. Maybe next time - that was one thing I missed seeing.

I looked for some books on drawn thread work and needlelace but I didn't see any that I really wanted. Most are black and white and not very exciting or clear. I want something with color photos and very clear step by step instructions.

Oh, Debbie Beever had tons of Finca size 16 thread so I got a few balls of that to add to what I already have and I also got a spool each of silver and gold thread in a brand that I think I've gotten before and really liked. Must have since it's gone!

I forgot to take my camera on Lace Day but already I've seen some good photos on Carol Amich's blog and Diane's blog. Diane is so sweet - she donated a navy blue woven bag along with the apple green bookmark and coaster AND a hanky for our drawing and she isn't even a member of our group!

It was great visiting with everyone in the Social Cafe, tatting and catching up and comparing goodies. Laura from Columbia City, IN brought Hector, the Gourd Hedgehog. Carol brought her gingerbread house and few other of her 3D tatted goodies, including Conor. Dorcas and several ladies from her group were there. Stephen Bowman from Bloomington (bluetattingman). Some local visitors who are not part of the guild but may be later!

Sunday we met at the Tippecanoe Arts Federation building where we usually have our meetings and participated in a workshop on Viking Knit or Viking metal weaving taught by Tracy Jackson, owner of The Lacemaker.

These aren't my hands since I was walking around with my camera. I think it is Cathy Kozlowski but it might be Dagmar too. Both had nice even mesh - not like mine at all!

This, however, IS mine! This is how it looks once it's pulled through the drawing plate. The silver will be a bracelet as soon as I get the endcaps glued on with the fastener. The gold/copper piece was the spiral stitch and I only had time to make a sample of how it will look. I have a few photos of the samples too but didn't get them put on here before I had to leave this morning.

Before I end up here, I wanted to mention that TattingChic (who has an anniversary giveaway going on right now) pointed out after my last blog entry that I was a Button Floozy! LOL! Well, after seeing what they do over at I was tempted to join but I'm too selfish. I couldn't possibly give away any of my stash in an exchange. Nope, better to just look and covet what others have and let myself off the hook.


  1. Gina,
    Glad you had a good time! That Viking Knitting looks interesting.. I think that is something I could get into.. now where would I find the time....LOL..
    Thanks for sharing your photos and if you get that shuttle made out of your hickory tree.. so share some photos.. that is one of my favorite woods.

  2. Viking knit? Now that is intriguing.


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