Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I was in the basement looking for a specific color of fabric, which I never did find, but I came across these metal shuttles. I knew I had them but had forgotten they were in the basement. Can you imagine a Boye shuttle for 29¢? And I remember when I bought the Diana shuttles (I have 2) that I'd never heard of them before. The Zephyr shuttle is also an unknown but the store, Danner's, is one I often went to as a child while mom got groceries. It was the five & dime right next to the grocery store and the drug store was right next to it. I'd browse around in Danner's and occasionally buy something but most of my allowance was spent in the drug store on comic books and candy bars! Believe it or not, I was big on the Superman (and other superheroes) comics and my favorite candy bar was Butternut. Comics were a dime and candy bars were a nickel - but the prices had tripled and quadrupled by the time I was 16 or so, about the time I switched to cigarettes, which were only a quarter a pack. LOL! I gave up the cigarettes a long time ago and I can't remember the last time I had a Butternut and I'm certainly not willing to pay several dollars for something I once bought for a dime!

I'd sure like to have some Katy Keene comics though. I loved looking at the fashions. I think I could easily have become a clothing designer if things had gone just a bit differently in my youth. Oh look! You can see them here! Ah well....I'm still creative! Can you imagine some tatted lace in Katy's beautiful dresses?

This is a bookmark from Rosemarie Peel's latest book. It's a very simple pattern and the book is targeted for beginners. I added the tail on my own. She demonstrates how to bring different components together to create a design so you might say she gives some design instruction along the way.

She describes the center part as two edgings face to face and then a third edging goes around the outside pulling it together. I didn't want to cut and hide my ends that many times so I used a split ring to move to the opposite side of the inner part and also to bridge to the outer round.

J.B. won the Pay-it-Forward segment on my giveaway and is hosting her own PIF on her blog so be sure to go visit!


  1. That is a very cool collection of metal shuttles. I like that they are still on their cards. I've never heard of the "zephyr" or the "Dianna" shuttles, either. I would probably pick up a shuttle at a store just for the sake of that I had never heard of it before, either! LOL! Well, you have been bsy tatting, haven't you? I still have to finish that TIAS, LOL! :)

  2. www.thewindowdresser.blogspot.com7:45 PM

    Time and time again I have tried shuttle tatting but can not do "the flip" required at the beginning. I can only do needle tatting unfortunately. It is nice to see so many variations of it. Your projects come out beautifully.Keep them coming.

  3. I remember that candy bars were a quarter when I was a kid..and now look at them LOL!

  4. It is so cool to find things that you have forgotten, especially when they bring back cool memories. I love the bookmark.


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