Friday, May 22, 2009

Here are my puzzle pieces in process. I have 5 but will only send 4. The brown/burgunday one simply has the leaf motifs outline embroidered in silver and copper thread. If I use that fabric again, I will do it differently. The others are ready for finishing. I'm finding that part tedious and time-consuming. The embellishment part is the fun part!

This one is finished but I'm taking the buttonhole stitch off tonight and doing it over. I kept thinking it just didn't look the way I expected it would look and then when I started the piece below, I realized how I had done it wrong.

This one is started but I only got 2 sides done before I had to get to bed. I have 3 different fusable backings and tried 2 of them. I also put a fabric backing on that so it took me awhile to get through them and I think next time I can do a better job of it. I could not zigzag it as neatly as I hoped so I did as well as I could, just to secure the layers and now I'm using the buttonhole stitch to cover it and make the edges look more finished.

Here's another teapot bookmark that I sent to Alice Cantrell who has the free pdf notecard file on her website which features a teacup. The teapot pattern, in case you are new to it, is from Martha Ess's new book.


  1. I like the tail you put on the teapot. Very pretty. The puzzle squares look fun to make.

  2. Your puzzle pieces are pretty! It looks like you've enjoyed doing it!

    Your bookmark is nice, too! :)

  3. The puzzle pieces are great fun and the teapot is stunning!

  4. Your puzzle pieces are very pretty! I LOVE the teapot! Beautiful color, beautiful pattern, beautifully done!

    Side note - I know you didn't ask, but I'm used to the fairies now. My teenager says they are cool! :)

  5. Love that little blue teapot. The colours suit the shape. : ) Fox


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