Monday, May 18, 2009

Look what came today! A perfect angel from real life angel Laura B. I sent mine off to her some time back but didn't expect her to send one right away since she was due to have surgery in just a few days then - which turned out well, btw. The angel from Monica Hahn's Christmas Angels & Other Tatting Patterns is done in Lizbeth thread size 20. And that's a perfect card for me - 2 lovely teapots! Thank you Laura for doing this exchange with me. We agreed to do it before I knew about the surgery so I'm especially thankful that you were willing given everything you were already worried about.

Here's a close up of the more unusual crochet hooks from my antique store find. I think I have have one somewhere that has that "eye" in the shaft but I don't know anything about it. The one with the multicolored handle is actually one of those miniature latchhooks that you use to correct snags on sweaters. I'm sure they are used for something else but I don't know what! One appears to be homemade - the one that is straight all the way from the tip of the shaft to the point of the hook. I couldn't find any markings on it either. The one with the bent shaft struck me as made purposely that way because the thinner part of the shaft is longer than usual. It also says "PAT PENT" with an obscure mark between the two words. Does that mean "patent pending" or is it someone's name?

Hey, go look at the ornament trees here!There is a huge selection in style AND price but aren't these perfect for displaying our tatting??? I have one just like the gold 12 arm tree that I picked up at Goodwill some time back. It's actually holding my collection of ceremic sachets or pomadours. I should show them sometime.

They also have ornament stands which are a little different. I think some of these may have to go on my wish list!

I had to chuckle when I saw one of our more recent new tatters graduated from high school and is teaching tatting and selling custom orders. It took me two years to even consider putting something to show in the local fair. She's not the first young person to exhibit such enthusiasm about tatting and I'm happy to see it. It just makes me feel S-L-O-W. LOL!


  1. I'm so glad you like her and the card Gina. We share a love of teapots! I hope you will enjoy your angel as I will mine. I love the new look of your blog. How did you do that?

  2. Laura's Angel is so pretty! The card is cute, too, and just perfect for you!

    Thanks for the link to the ornament trees. They are pretty! It does look like a fabulous way to display tatted ornies. Wish I had more room for stuff like that. :)

  3. Love the antique find. Amazing tools, am sure you will still b able to use them.

  4. Hi Gina,
    That tool with the hole in it is intriguing. I wander what it is.

    The words mean "patent pending".
    Fox : )

  5. The one with a hole is a crochet hook but I don't know the brand or origin. Oh, I take that back - there are some letters - hard to read because the metal is oxidized there...ah, Victoria. I thought the Pat pent was Patent pending at first but when I sawa the 2nd word was penT, I wondered if it was or not.

  6. What a lovely angel.

    Those are some strange-lookin' hooks! I have to wonder about the one with the hole in the handle. Maybe you threaded the yarn or thread thru it before you began, and that way your hook would always be with your work?

  7. Hi Gina!

    You tatting girls are amazing!

    Thanks so much for visiting my new blog, and for your sweet comment too!

    Good luck with my giveaway! (and yes...I will answer any questions you have about making one!)

    Paulette :o)


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