Thursday, May 14, 2009

I finally got around to scanning these late last night. I bought them the same time I got the apron. Most are size 11 but there are a few different ones. One has an odd bend to it and I'm certain it was manufactured that way. I should have set it apart so you could see it clearly. There are a few different ones - I might show them in the next post. I scanned the hairpin lace loom with them so you could see the size of it. I've wanted a small one for years - ever since I drove to Kokomo or somewhere to help someone with tatting and she showed me a very small one, much smaller than this one, maybe only 2-3 inches high, that she inherited. I know you can set the bigger ones to only have this much space but it's more awkward to hold, in my opinion. Anyway, I'm delighted to have this one! I'll have to figure out something to do with the lace on it.

I forgot to mention this ebay win too! I have it turned wrong - you can't see how the metal part folds into the wood. I think the blurb about it placed it at around a 100 years old. The hook is tiny.

I took my little flip camcorder to work yesterday, mostly to see if I could connect it to my work computer. It didn't show everything so something must be restricted in using it. Anyway, in the process, I found Cormac hiding in the cup that holds honey sticks and mint chocolate stir sticks for tea. He wasn't lost - he's been hanging out there since St. Patrick's Day. The camera pics of him that day weren't too clear and he was hoping for another photo opportunity.
I fooled him - he thought he'd found a pot of silver (Americans keep more silver than gold, it seems) but it was only a bowl of Hershey's Kisses! This is another feature of the camcorder - you can pull out stills from the movies!


  1. If I hadn't taken a glass of red wine (a large one, I might add) then I was about to email you to see where you'd got to!!! I was having withdrawal symptoms not having blog updates from you. So good to see a posting. Your style is interesting, informative and comfortable. That's a huge compliment, BTW.

  2. Hi Gina, Wow you sure did get a lot of crochet hooks. The tiny one is very interesting. Looks like Cormac is not too disappointed that this wasn't a pot of got, but silver kisses. He must have a sweet tooth!

  3. Thank you Jane!

    Carol...yep, lots of hooks, but it's a good size when I teach crochet and need extra hooks. Well, actually I need BIG hooks for beginners, but for thread crochet projects, these work fine. Even so, I actually bought the whole jar for just a few of them that are not the common size.

  4. Interesting find! In the bunch of hairpin lace looms I picked up, there was one that's about that size. They go all the way up to two inches, the smallest being 3/4 of an inch. Some are still mounted on their cardboard wrappers.
    What is that hook with the red handle? It kind of looks like a latch hook. Very cool finds. You always have the most interesting posts.

  5. Thanks Steph - I thought the red handled one would be a latch hook too but it's a size 000 crochet hook and says "Germany" on the side. The handle says "Virginia Snow St. V.S. 16

  6. Cool tools! I love my tiny crochet hooks! My 0.4mm one from Lacis just hoo! Lucky for me I had a spare one, LOL! That really old crochet hook looks like a little treasure to me! :)

  7. Gina,
    You have solved a mystery for me! Years ago Mom gave me some tiny crochet hooks and an odd doodad that were my aunt's. We had no idea what the doodad was. Now I know it's a hairpin lace loom! Do you also make hairpin lace?


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