Saturday, May 09, 2009

There is an adorable bitty bear giveaway on Bearbits! You have to go see it even if you don't enter.

Go see all the views, front, back, separate from the pincushion - exquisite work!

Have you noticed I've been changing backgrounds? I've been looking for just the right look and this isn't it, but it's such a cute whimsical one that I'm going to keep it for a bit. I wish I could put the faces of my tatty friends on the fairies. This background comes from Cute & Cool. I'm also trying out The Background Fairy, and The Cutest Blog on the Block. So far. There are many out there. It's so easy - you copy the html, click on "add a gadget" in your layout mode, then click on the "html" gadget and when it comes up, paste in your code and save. Depending on your background colors, you might have to change the colors of your text and links, etc.

I taught 3 new tatters in Crawfordsville today and then 2 more on Tuesday evening coming up. More than that expressed interest but timing apparently didn't work out. I think these three got it though. One woman had tatted before but had forgotten a few things, like how to join.

I found this Tea Lady being offered for sale over on Uniquely Tea last weekend and so I offered to buy it! The decor is not that great and I knew that when I bought it but the design is not something I've seen before. The billows on the side of her dress will hold teabags and sweetener or sugar cubes. There is also an opening in the back where you could put stirring spoons or whatever suits your fancy. I'm tempted to decorate her with tatting but probably will not.

Here's a closeup of her ladyship sipping her tea!

After teaching today, I headed over to the Antique Mall in Crawfordsville. I was sort of looking for shuttles but I'd never been there before and wasn't sure I'd find anything. It's big - and it took me awhile to find my way around. There was one room chock full of sewing notions, threads, fabric pieces, quilts, and instruction books, including Workbaskets. Much to my dismay, I had nearly all of the magazines there! I did get an "Alka Seltzer" glass tube full of crochet hooks and very small hairpin lace loom that still has the lace on it. But my favorite find was this apron. (also the most expensive!)

I'm not sure if you can tell from this photo (click to enlarge) but the monogram is even tatted letters. I didn't realize that until I got home. I thought it was embroidered on. The hen and chicks edging is on the pocket as well as bordering the entire apron.

The stitches appear to be beautifully uniform but the picots weren't pinned out in the pressing/starching. That would be a LOT of work.

You can see the insert between panels is a simple rings only pattern. All of the tatting is about the simplest you can do, but isn't it precious on this apron??? The owner must have been extraordinarily skinny too. The apron ties barely came to my sides, not that I'm skinny, but even someone skinny would have trouble tying the ends and there were no buttons or other fastenings.

What will I do with it? I don't have a clue but I COULD NOT leave it there in that musty store. It was hanging with a bunch of gingham dresses on one side and aprons on the other. Just sort of jumped out at me and pleaded with me to take it. I asked the man if he would take less......he said he could only knock off a few dollars. So I asked about the crochet hooks and hairpin lace loom which weren't priced. He said $10 so I asked if he would take $5 for those and I'd pay full price on the apron. Deal! Way too then I wished I'd offered less. LOL! No matter - I don't regret it at all. Happy Mother's Day to me, is the way I see it.


  1. Gina,
    What a relief! I'm glad to hear your background search continues. I like the forest, but find the fairies just a little disturbing. :)

    You found some great stuff today! I think her Ladyship needs a necklace or choker. And what a sweet apron! I wonder what her name was. Do you think it could have been a bridal gift? That's a lot of trouble to go to for everyday and the waist is SO tiny... It's really nice you saved it!


  2. Wow! What a totally awesome find with that Apron! HOW COOL! I'm glad it found a home with you.

    Happy Mother's Day to you, too!

    Those fairies on your current template are hilarious! I've never seen fairies in costumes like that, LOL! They remind me of some costumes that we had to wear in a highschool play...we were citizens of a town called "Tubby-town" and we had to wear costumes just like that stuffed full of newspaper and spin around and sing a song called "I get around in tubby-town..I'm a great big wheel and that's the way to feel!" (sung to the tune of that Beatles song) LOL! So not politically correct today, LOL! Hey! I didn't write the play! Ironically the director and writer were both lean-challenged. TMI!!! This comment will sooooo not make sense when you change the template!

  3. LOVE the idea that you can change backgrounds. Guess who will be doing that too - when the old git's got time!!!!
    Lovely apron. Must get round the antique places when I'm over the pond!!!

  4. The apron is gorgeous and anyone would be proud to have made such a beautiful thing. You are sooo lucky to have found it! And I'm glad that it's fallen into the hands of someone who'll treasure it.

    Hugs, Chris X

  5. Love the tea lady and the apron,especially. I saw an apron similar to that at a yard sale not too long ago, but didn't pick it up right away so someone beat me to it. I'm still kicking myself.

    I'm liking the new background. Those old photographs from the turn of the century are always fun to look at.

    I've been following different blogs doing puzzle pieces. You are so creative! Love them.

  6. Ann - I wondered the same thing about the apron, if it was a wedding gift. There are NO stains on it but there is a little hole near the bottom which might be from age. It really doesn't look used.

    TattingChic - So...any photos of you in that outfit???? LOL! That newspaper had to drive a person crazy. And yeah...this will not make any sense at all with a different background!

    Chris & Jane, thanks - I do wish I could think of a way to display it. Seems a shame to just put it away in a drawer.

    Steph - yeah, you gotta grab what you want at garage sales. You can always set it back down if you don't want it after walking around for awhile though.

  7. When I try to load any of these backgrounds, the "Free Background" logo appears on top of the title of the current post. How did you get it over on the side?

    Fantastic apron!

  8. Nice to treat yourself! Cool apron. Way to go, Gina!

    I, too, love the background. How did you manage this?

    Fox : )

  9. Thanks very much,Gina,
    I figured it out - finally - and added the background to tat-ology. Tell me what you think. I'm not sure I will keep it - saved my old template just in case!
    Fox : )


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