Saturday, May 02, 2009

I found this video tutorial on Joy's blog for the single shuttle split ring. It's from Etatters, which has moved. Etatters is now at a new location. You can go to to join. I have to admit that I hardly read any of the grouplists other than my own because I don't have time.

Find more videos like this on eTatters

This is my third attempt. I kept missing the part about putting the loop over the ring before pulling on the shuttle. If you're stuck somewhere tatting and need a split ring and you only have one shuttle with you, this can be very handy. It might be useful if you want to avoid a two-color split ring when working with two threads too. Otherwise, I would use two shuttles.

I had to do the bracelet again! I felt the wrong beads just didn't do it justice. Besides, the first tatting is like a learn all your weaknesses and where you are likely to make mistakes. This is an Altin Basak thread I bought about 4 years ago at Hector. I hate it. It has a metallic thread in it which is what made us all buy it but it breaks so easily! I have a newer ball in a different color that doesn't seem to break as much but I wanted to try to use this one up.

I happened to be at JoAnn Fabrics on Friday for something else and noticed many beads were 40% off so I bought some 6mm beads! Well...turned out the bag was assorted sizes but because I had looked at another bag of beads that were 6mm, I knew which ones to pick out. I also got some smaller beads which are bigger than seed beads, more like the size 6 beads I used as the BIG bead last time. I didn't think I had any seed beads like this one, a pearlized clear so I started out just putting one of the smaller beads on each side of the big bead which took up as much room. But it bothered me that I wasn't using the right I went hunting and yep, I do have a very small stash of the seed beads in that color.

So I started over. I tried to retro-tat but that &*^%$)* metallic thread broke so I cut it off and began again, tying my ends together and hiding them in the first ring and chain. Well, that threw me off again and I missed the first join but by the time I noticed it, I was too aggravated to attempt retrotatting or starting over again. I figured I could improvise something and I did, but I still like Marilee's beginning and ending better. I had to tat loosely and carefully to keep the metallic thread from breaking or pulling loose.

It was worth it. I think this one turned out GORGEOUS! I'm setting it aside to enter into the county fair this summer.

I figured out how to keep my embellishments inside the puzzle piece lines - I just basted around the pattern and when I'm ready to finish I'll either stitch over it and hide it or pull it out after I've done the final stitching. I have other color combinations to work with but I really wanted to try to feature this rose. Using it on the outside didn't work. It seemed like all the big roses are outside of the lines. So we'll see how it goes.


  1. I love the way the bracelet turned out! I guess the bead size really does make a difference.

    I like your idea of the basting thread outline the puzzle piece. I imagine that will make it much easier to embellish.

  2. Hey, I'm glad you posted that video! The double stitches on that SSSR actually look EASY! I need to watch it a few times to get the picot part and the pulling of the loop to close it, but I think I can get it!

    Your bracelet is really pretty! Your puzzle piece is turning out cute. :)

  3. AnnB does such a great job with her videos..just her hands..she is so quick! Thank you for the post.

    I really appreciate the fact that you describe your trials and boo boos while you are tatting; it really makes me feel a lot better about my journey to know that an accomplished tatter travels the same path as I. I've thought the same thing, that the first go at a pattern is like doing a draft.

    I always enjoy your blog; but especially the description of your experiences with the bracelet. I've thought that would be a nice pattern to do for a granddaughter. Part of the fun is choosing the 'just right' beads and threads.

    hugs, Bev

  4. The bracelet is stunning. I love the jigsaw too. VERY pretty.

  5. Lovely choice of beads!

    And you are so right on about the first attempt being a draft. Absolutely, in my experience, true! : )

  6. I think both of your bracelets turned out gorgeous! Very creative with your bead choices, and those toggle findings add just the right finishing flair.


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