Thursday, May 28, 2009

I sent my puzzle pieces in Tuesday. Yep, that red one wasn't there before. I was so frustrated trying to finish off the edges nicely that in a little fit, I just added tatting and embroidery to felt so that it would be easy to blanket stitch! The bottom motif is from Heather Johnston's book that I mentioned a few posts back and then I added a rosette on top of it and some beads. The thing about felt is that it reminds me of Christmas ornaments and indeed, the white and silver here seem very holiday-ish.

Of course, I had to identify myself. Learning how to make labels by ironing on a transfer, which I had to make first, was also a learning curve.

This pitcher & glass set is one of the items I got at the thrift store while shopping with a friend at the weekend. Only $3.00!!! I suspect it should have 6 glasses instead of 5, but I didn't care. I'll put it in the center of my table once I find my bright cheery yellow tablecloth.

I was kind of tickled the other day to look down and find the kitties sleeping at my feet. It's a little annoying at times, the way they follow me from room to room, including the bathroom if I don't shut the door, but I guess it just means they like me. LOL!

I tatted Kim Millar's Aurora Blaze bookmark which is tatted around a crochet braid. I'm preparing for a class I'm teaching at the end of June. This didn't work out as well as I would like so I will probably play a bit with crocheted braid and see what else I can come up with. This is also used in Romanian Point Lace.

And last but not least, this is the quilted jacket made by Jane Smith that I mentioned in the last post. Her daughter, Roganne, was kind enough to send me another photo so I wouldn't have to keep looking.
This is a close up of the inside. If you click on the photos, they will enlarge. See how straight her stitching is? Incredible!

I've been busy today getting my many folders of printouts into sheet protectors! I've already gone through 160 sheets and will have to go get more to finish. Then I'll sort them all out, tatting, knitting, crochet, sewing...etc. and put them into the proper binders, or in some cases, make a new binder. I wonder how many of these projects I will actually complete before I leave this earth?


  1. Your puzzle pieces look great! I agree with you about the red one... it does look very festive and full of holiday spirit!

    That is a gorgeous jacket! I started a quilted jacket years ago... got all the pieces made, but never put it together. I probably still have it, but there's no way it would fit me now!

  2. Hi Gina, Your puzzle pieces are all fantastic! What fun you must have had designing each one.

    The pitcher set is very nice and at a great price too. Your kitties look so cute and cuddly.

    Nice bookmark!! Ric Rac would work with this pattern too!

    Thanks for the birthday card and wishes!

  3. Wow, there's a lot going on in that post! I hope I can remember everything, LOL! The kitties are darling! I guess cats are pack animals and if they are following you around that makes you "the leader of the pack"! Ha ha! I think that's really old song, too!

    Your "Aurora Blaze" bookmark is pretty. I think she's got another one with the name "mist" in the title that's got tatting on the inside and a crochet braid around that and then tatting on the edge. It's also very pretty and I've been wanting to do that for sometime.

    That quilted jacket is very nice! :)

  4. Anonymous9:52 AM

    Your tatting is absolutely beautiful and I'm jealous of the glass set you got.

  5. Diane - you should go ahead and finish it and sell or give it to someone as a gift. :-)
    Carol - I was thinking about ricrac, but the point of the class I'm teaching is to learn the crocheted cord and how to tat on it.
    TattingChic - pack is that why they want me to watch them eat? They'll paw at me while I'm on the computer until I follow them and they go straight to their food dishes, like they can't eat without me being there! I like Kim's other patterns too. I wanted something simple for the class I'm teaching though. Won't have enough time to crochet 46 points! 11 might be a challenge, I don't know.
    Sewmarm - Thank you! I really like that the flowers on this set are baked on so when I wash them, it doesn't chip or wash off. Sometimes people paint on glass but I'm pretty sure these are factory made. Altho hand-painted would also be a great deal!

  6. The puzzle pieces turned out great! I think the one with the gold swatch of fabric is my favorite. The flower motif in the piece beneath it is gorgeous.

    The pitcher and glasses are fab. I am addicted to kitchen glass. It's always the first thing I look for at thrift stores, flea markets, and yard sales. That set you have there would have sent me into a tizzy!

    I've never been big on quilted jackets, but that one is beautiful. How nice it would have been to have met Jane Smith. I've been following your posts about her. Fascinating woman!

  7. Love the puzzle pieces. You must have infinite patience. The pitcher and glasses were a great find. I like Aurora bookmark. The quilted jacket is gorgeous.

  8. Those puzzle pieces are so beautiful as is your bookmark!

    Our son has a cat that "talks", and every time he tries to talk on the phone, she starts "talking" so loud you can barely hear him! LOL

  9. gina, the puzzles are lovely. i love the one with the rose motif. that's sweet. the pitcher and glass set is a fantastic find! have a great weekend.

  10. Gina, your puzzle pieces are very pretty. I printed out the puzzle pattern in order to participate, but ran out of time. It's lovely to see how you embellished them. They are all beautiful and unique.


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