Saturday, October 03, 2009

Tatting Friends in Canada

I usually post under the photo but this time I'm posting about it above. In case you ever noticed. (SMILE!)

I did get to take one class while I was in Cambridge Ontario. Rita Cochrane's class, a beaded bracelet done in one pass. It's not done yet, but Rita will be pleased to know I'm on the last row. I was ready for a break and it dawned on me that I'd brought my camera but hadn't taken a single photo so I popped up and made the rounds. That empty space there between the two ladies is where I was sitting. Do you think they noticed I was gone? They look pretty engrossed in the bracelet! I'll show mine in another post, hopefully complete by then.

The woman on the right is Ruth MacEachern who kept me informed about when I was teaching, my hotel, and just about anything else I asked about!

And here is smiling Susan Johnston, the other organizer that I heard from. I'm not sure who all was involved, but the event went smoothly, as far as I could tell.

Oh look! Here is Ginny Weathers from the Hector group! At least you can tell she is smiling! You'll see some of Ginny's exquisite tatting in the next post which will be about "what was on the tables."

Here is Kaye Judt (standing in red top) teaching one of her classes. I think it was the Paisley class but I'm not sure - might have been the Woodland Critter.

I don't know which project this group was working on but they seem pretty involved!

This is the other side of Kaye's table in this class. The lady on the left in the lavender top is Heather, a dear woman who travels from the UK every year to visit family just in time to attend their event.

Oh, those busy ladies were working on Karey Solomon's Angel class. I should have gotten closer pictures of what each is working on.

If I remember the placement of the tables correctly, this group was part of Brenda Franklin's class which was either a beaded zinnia brooch or a beaded tassel. Brenda's classes are non-tatting. There was another non-tatting class by Wynn Reid, about crochet and knitting. It's nice to have alternatives to tatting - you can bring a non-tatting friend or learn a new skill.

Rita Cochrane is in the upper right helping a student. For the life of me, I don't know why (yes, I do, my camera battery died!) I didn't get photos of Rita playing auctioneer. It was quite the feat!

And last but not the least, by any means, the young lady in the bright green top is Rita's granddaughter who was teaching some needle tatting herself! Rita's vendor sales also went to a fund that is sending her granddaughter on a school project trip to Normandy. They've been studying the battle at Normandy and have the opportunity to go there in person.....but of course, you have to have money to do that. She's a sweetie, just 16 and very good at tatting.

The next post will be about "the stuff on the tables," what I bought, and maybe what I'm doing now. Whew!


  1. Ooh, another great glimpse into Tat Days. Thanks so much for letting me live vicariously though you. I just love seeing the people and putting names to them.

  2. The pictures are just great. Everyone seems to be perfectly concentrated on working. I just wish I could make stuff like that myself. I really am not good at it, unfortunately.



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