Friday, October 16, 2009

Part of the design class involves test tatting other members' motifs from their written and diagrammed instructions. I haven't had time to do very much - I think I posted two earlier, here and a few days earlier on September 16th. I finally had some time to start with the software program to learn the diagramming but one evening was enough. Had to take a break so I tatted this motif by Lenore atTatt3r-Lace. Lenore does all kinds of laces and has some much-loved older designs online tatted repeatedly by many of us. This motif certainly does not do her justice. I meant to start the center in such a way that I could climb out with a split chain and not have to cut & tie, but confusion reigned after all that software drawing (sounds good to me!) and I started with the wrong chain, the picot one, so that meant I'd end up with a plain chain when I need the picot one to climb out. I was halfway around before I realized it. So you can see my hidden end. Blech! This was also size 70 thread as well as being varigated so I don't think it showed off the design as well either. I had no problem with the pattern though, and that was the point of the test-tat.

The poor blocking is also my fault. I'm currently dealing with my 2 cats in the computer/craft room. They've been out all summer and I'm trying to get them used to being inside with my son's 2 cats. I have to keep them in that room with their litter box and food unless I'm around and can put the food away and intervene if the hissing gets too extreme. My son's cats are on a special diet so they can't eat each other's food. Eventually I'll wean my cats to his cat's food but one thing at a time for now.

Oh...why did I mention the cats in relation to the blocking? Well...everything I do in that room is now being monitored and interupted by one cat or antoher jumping on me and my desk to get up higher on the computer desk. I have weird typos and struggle to scan and print. Generally, I just put them out of the room temporarily. The blocking is a hurried job, done in another room where I can't see as well and then left in the craft room to dry.

I switched to a different thread, size 50 by Altin Basak, for Krystals' motif. I had no trouble tatting this one either. I think this would make an especially pretty doily or mat by connecting several together. I didn't climb out of this one either. I have done it before, tatting the chains upward instead of downward, but my brain was really on overload by this time so I took the route I knew the best.

Oooohhh,just found a new blog, about Apron Memories, by/about EllynAnne Giesel. I never wear an apron and yet I love them to pieces and have a few that I keep hidden away. I love the embroidery on one and hope to recreate it some day. Listen to the interview with ABC on the blog and hear that Southern drawl! Here's another one!

I think I need to change something for the search engine. It does not find things! I know I have photos of an apron on here that I purchased in the past year with tatting on it. Ah, HERE it is!



  1. Four cats? YIKES!!! Nightmare for tatting!!! Love the motifs. I'm working on something that I wouldn't dare ask anybody to test tat!!!

  2. LOL! You sound like you have your hands FULL with all those kitty cats! The top motif looks nice despite having to block in dim light. The next motif is also very nice. I am loving the color, too! I wish I had more time for Sharon's design class!

  3. Hi Gina,
    Your tatting looks good. I prefer the second design. You do have a handful with 4 cats at the moment. Just wanted to thank you for this post on aprons. I love them and was looking at the many designs on Etsy just the other day. It is too warm in Singapore to wear them but like you I love them too.

  4. Thanks for linking to my Geocities website, but it all goes away soon. Like this week, I think. I have all my pages saved on my computer, but haven't decided if I want to bother with it.

    I'm currently stumped with the snowflake part of the class. I just don't think that way, and I'm having lots of trouble. I might cheat and draw with a pencil, then transfer to the design program.


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