Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tatting Tea Tuesday 10-13-09

I can't believe it is Tuesday already! I've had to stop and think several times today - what day is it?

Well...adding to the post about Ravelry.com yesterday, one thing that started this was that Jeff from Bridge City Tatting, sent me a link not long ago about a pattern on Ravelry for a crocheted tea set. Since going to Canada and then the sale at ZigZag Corner, I've been trying to keep my purse closed, but it did get me exploring the site again. I do like the freebies!

This pattern was done by about 5 people on Ravelry and the pattern source is Lionbrand. I so wanted to crochet this before today, in thread so it would be small, and with a tatted edging along the rim, but.....life is busy right now.

I'm continuing my magazine culling and brought up a stack to go through later this evening, noting one that has a complete tea set on the cover. LOL! I was pretty sure I had several patterns in stash somewhere.

Last weekend I was getting antsy to embroider. I still haven't but I dropped in on a yahoo hand embroidery group I belong to and found a reference to Kreations by Karon, where doll clothes are stitched, embroidered and embellished on quilt blocks. The designer, Brenda, made duplicates of all the adorable outfits she had made her grandchildren through the years and re-interpreted them into quilt blocks. I was so "gobsmacked" ( a term I hear from our folks across the pond) that I immediately emailed her and asked if I could use a photo or two for my TG blog post!

And yeah, she gave me permission! At first, I thought this sweet christening dress had tatting on it but she said no, "some have French lace edging and some have an embroidered Picot Bullion Edging, which looks similar to tatting."
There are so many to pick from - I don't know if I could! It would be extremely expensive to get a pattern for each one but I could pick my favorite (HA!) and frame the block or make it a pillow. She also sells kits that include the fabric.

So, here I am, drinking the iced tea I've been slurping all day, and daydreaming about adorable dresses on quilt blocks! Hope you enjoy looking at them too!

Tea Quote: Tea ~ the cups that cheer but not inebriate. William Cowper


  1. Ooh, such wonderful wee outfits! On quilt blocks, you say? Incredible.

    Love your tea quote (even if you left it whole - i.e. un-fractured) LOL!

    Thanks for joining in on Tatting Tea Tuesday. I never tire of your engrossing posts.

  2. It's a good thing we don't live real close to each other... I'd be over at your house for inspiration all the time!

  3. Isdihara - I had way too much on my plate to even try to come up with something fractured! Great idea though.

    Diane- I just got through another stack of magazines and didn't get rid of near as many....too much I still want to make!

  4. Now is there a child as cute as the outfits.
    Where oh where have the gentle days gone?

  5. Miranda1:20 AM

    The lace on the christening dress sure looks like tatting to me!

  6. That lady's work is amazing. Love the dress with the tatted lace on that. I love that idea of little doll clothes for a quilt block. Amazing work!

  7. Wow! I can just imagine what you would do with the patterns! These are wonderful!
    Fox : )

  8. BTW - that IS tatting on the dress. I'd bet on it! Fox : ))

  9. WOW!!! Her grandchildren must have been the best dressed little people in the land! The detail is amazing on those blocks. Thanks for sharing the link!
    :) Ann


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