Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Guess what? I didn't go out last night. I just couldn't make myself venture out in the dark with icky rain. So I'll finish it all up tonight.

Instead, I finished up these earrings requested by a friend for her granddaughter. The pattern is from Free I love doing this pattern. It's easy, fast and a real eyecatcher. These are tatted in brown Flora size 20 and turquoise Altin Basak size 50. The beads are seed beads and either size 10 or 11. I think a more solid brown bead might have looked better but these were all I had.

So then I found this DMC Infusions Sparklers thread, actually meant for embroidery rather than tatting, but it's just SOOOOO pretty! I think I bought this in Ohio when I met up with Gail and Jane. You can find them online HERE. It's art.cisp09 - E131 Gold Blend, 5 yd/4.6 m, and $2.99 from the place I purchased it. Oh...maybe it was from The Needle's Point in Rensselaer now that I think about it.

Anyway, I tatted the entire earring in this thread instead of two colors and with gold beads. You should see the sparkle! I'll try to finish the other one up tonight. A pretty New Year's party earring, I think. The design is more striking with two colors but I think it still has appeal in a single color. I separated the thread so that I had 2 strands on each floss holder. Each strand was 2 ply. The pattern only takes about a yard of each color so that would be 2 yards of one color. That means I would get about 8 pairs of earrings out of this skein if I wanted to make that many pairs alike.

I always feel just a bit let-down at this time right before the holidays because I didn't get nearly as much done for gifting and food fun as I wanted. Actually, about nothing, zero, zilch this year, except for the two exchanges I was in. Time just gets away from me like water through a sieve. So many seemingly great ideas buried under other committments!

But I have the next 10 days off and I'm so looking forward to catching up at home. I really have made a lot of progress this year but haven't had much time to enjoy it.

I'll probably post again tomorrow, just because getting on the computer makes me take a break from other things, like gift-wrapping, that feels overwhelming sometimes unless I break it up into small segments. Actually, it's the cleaning part that I'm going to need breaks from. LOL! Yep.....last minute Lucy here!

Hmmm....I wonder how many of the last month's new designs I can tat over those 10 days? That would put me ahead for NEXT Christmas, wouldn't it?


  1. Both earrings are pretty, Gina. I too have the trouble with time/water going through the sieve - lol. Hope you can enjoy Christmas for the gifts it brings -- physical ones as well as not physical ones.



  2. WOW. I LOVE the turquoise and brown earwigs. I've GOT to make myself some like that NOW. Oh, maybe not - it's bedtime. But I will very soon. Oh, then I'll have another problem - nothing to wear with those colours in. BUT it'll soon be time for the New Year sales. Oh, heck, ain't life complicated?!?!?!?

  3. These are so lovely and I just ADORE the colour combo.

    Have a great Christmas.

  4. Love the earrings, both double color and single! I've thought of doing earrings so maybe I'll start with these. Hmm, maybe after Christmas :- ) Have a happy and safe Christmas!

  5. I love those earrings, and the ones you gave Jane are great. Especially like them in the brown sparkly cotton. Time does seem to run out and I know what you mean about taking a break and posting something on the blog. Happy Christmas

  6. Hello Heidi! You do pop by every so often, don't you? Merry Christmas!

    Jane, If it weren't for stringing the beads, you'd have a pair tatted up before you went to bed. They really are quick.

    Arty Lady - Thank you! I had great fun browsing your blog today.

    Tattrldy - Thank you & if you want some help when you go to make those earrings, just email me!

    Sally - If I'd been thinking when I made Jane's earrings, they would have been bright fuschia pink and neon orange, but I'll have to keep that in mind for another day. I keep giving away every pair I make but I might keep these gold ones for myself. (smile)

    Happy Holidays to everyone!

  7. OH the torquoise and brown earrings are very beautiful, Gina! I love them. I'm sure the gold would be most befitting for the New Year! WOW!

  8. Lovely, really pretty, am off to find that pattern :-)

    All the best for Christmas and the New Year.

  9. Those earrings are so pretty! Especially the turquoise ones. Thanks for posting the pattern.

    Gina, Have a Very Happy Holiday!
    ♥ Fox : )

  10. I'm with Jane! Love the Turq. and Brown. XX Bev

  11. The brown and turquoise is a knock-out color combination. I love it. I need to try this pattern too. Thanks for the link.


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