Sunday, December 13, 2009

Last night I had the incredible pleasure of attending a comedy show in Wabash, Indiana featuring Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood at the Honeywell Center. I laughed so hard and for so long that I almost couldn't get my breath for the next round of laughter. My sister & brother-in-law took me as well as another friend of hers as a gift. What a delight! Dinner beforehand too and we also went into a fabulous gift shop earlier where I ended up buying a tea-for-one. You'll have to wait until Tuesday to see that one!

Earlier in the day my lace guild held their December meeting which was also a carry-in and lace-related gift exchange. You never know which gift you'll end up with or who it's from until it's done and you open it.

We had three rounds of pick and take, sometimes taking a gift that appeals to you more than the one you initially picked, especially if you were last on the first round and didn't really have a choice. It's all fun. I ended up with a medium sized box with Christmas paper pulled up around it and tied at the top. When I opened it, I was told to go to the next package inside. So I did. There I was told to go to the next one. It lied. It said I was almost there, but I actually had THREE more openings to make before I got to clear round plastic container that held something flat inside some red tissue paper. Ah! Must be a bit of lace!

You'd think, huh? It was a note telling me to go back to the first box and check out the bottom of it! Sure enough, there was the envelope that really did hold the above tatted pieces! They were tatted by Carolyn Regnier. If you have some older tatting pattern books, you might have one by her, called Suncatchers & Snowflakes, I think. She pointed out to me that this is the same pattern done in multiples of 3, 4 and 5. They're already stiffened so will have to go my little tree. She really does exquisite tatting and I love having a sample of her work. She was one of the founders of our lace guild back in the 70's.

On another note regarding Lafayette Lacers, we donated a handmade lace trimmed tree to a local group for their fundraising auction. I don't have a photo yet but the tree brought in $300 and someone said it was the highest bidded item. I really don't know since I saw some other really nice donations when I checked it out, but even so, it's nice to know that handmade lace is appreciated.

This is a busy weekend. My dryer is on the fritz and I haven't had time to repair or replace it so today I'm washing all my laundry and hauling it to the laundromat to dry. Once I'm there, it will only take about an hour and a half. I think I'm going to have my son do the sweeping and vacuuming today. I just can't get everything done myself. I still need to finish up my SS gift and that's my tatting goal today. The tatting is done....just need to package it all!


  1. That really is some lovely tatting. Lucky you. I love doing the SS but always put off the packing it up!!! I love buying presents and giving them but hate the business of wrapping!! What's wrong with me?

  2. Hi Gina! You are sounding very chipper! Good!

    Colin Mochrie - when I saw his face on your blog I started to laugh - out loud! Just seeing his face cracks me up.

    My daughter used to work with him at The Second City in Toronto, so I have followed his career for ages! I am so glad you got to see the show. It sounds hilarious as usual!

    The little motifs are sweet, and must be wonderful in 'real life' to examine.
    Fox : )

  3. Miranda12:19 PM

    Oh, the joys of hauling wet laundry. Maybe you'll get to do some tatting while the clothes are drying.

    Those ornements are fascinating. I can't see if the stitch counts are identical, but they look like they are. I wouldn't have thought that the same little "bit" could work in different numbers of repeats and still lie flat. You learn something new every day.

  4. I'm a big fan of Colin's also. He is hilarious. Some very good comedy has come to us by way of Canada.
    One of the best times DH and I had when we were young was attending a rather 'posh' cocktail party at a friend's in Vancouver BC. It was a riot. Would have made a good comedy sketch all by itself. That's how one of my daughter's became 'Canadian bred" though born in Washington State. LOL A little too much fun!

    OOH I hate laundromats ~ not as good memories Having to use laundry mats after the flood ~ trying to get flood mud out of our sheets and blankets.

    Love the ornaments...very fetching.
    hugs, Bev

  5. Gina, that gift you got sounds like it was a hoot to unwrap! Someone has a sense of humor and I'm sure everyone had a good laugh...I hope you did, too! I remember someone doing that to me as a child for a birthday present. I really had a lot of fun opening this huge box that turned out that the gift was in a tiny box! LOL! It made for a fun memory. The lace motifs you got are beautiful!

    The comedy show you went to sounds like it would've been a lot of fun to go and see!

  6. Jane - some people love the packaging more than the gift buying. I like it if I have time to be creative & I think that's why I put it off. I want to be creative with it and don't really have the time!

    Fox - your daughter must have had a blast in that job!

    Miranda - I wondered how 2 would work? They would have to face each other and an extra bit to join them, I think.

    Bev - I have a few Canadian friends through different groups I've been in and they are all extremely likeable.

    TattingChic - it was a good weekend til I got to the laundry. I'm paying for that but all is well.


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