Thursday, December 10, 2009

I'm really tired lately. I think it's the numbing cold. It sucks the life right out of you. I had to leave the office a couple of times today and the wind was bitter cold...but the sun was shining.

I can't seem to get much tatting done. I started this snowflake last night, in a fine thread already on a shuttle that was given to me. It is the December 2nd flake from Lene Bjorn's book, 24 Julestjerner i Orkis. I've had to guess at how many stitches are in each ring and chain. I can almost see the photo well enough to count, but it is a small photo. It will be very delicate looking when it's done.

I really should be doing something more productive for Christmas but when you're tired, you're tired.

Seeing the hanger Kelly sent with the snowflake she made me reminded me that I bought several packages of these "things" a few years ago on clearance. I seem to remember they were to have something to do with wine charms, but I don't remember exactly what. I think they might end up hanging ornaments instead.

I have a busy weekend planned. My lace guild has a luncheon party on Saturday and then I'm going with my sister and her hubby and another friend to a show in northern Indiana. I can't get to my email to see what it is! Maintanence.

My son is having his car worked on so will need mine tomorrow to drive clients to doctor appointments and such. That means we both have to get up a little earlier than usual. That said....I should get to bed.


  1. Very pretty! I like the look of the longer picots. I know I'll make this one again... I just have to finish those darned dishcloths!

  2. That's going to be very pretty! I like all the picos, & I guess that's why it'll look airy.

    I know what you mean about tired. I have so much to do, but so little energy at the end of the day. Stress I think.

  3. Hi, Gina! I have Lene's book in English - there are 3 ds between each picot. I hope that warms you up a little! That is one of my favorite snowflake patterns. :)

  4. Your snowflake is beautiful! You know what I just ♥ about tatting? I just ♥ that it looks so beautiful even while it's in progress! No matter what phase we're in of the production of the lace it looks beautiful! I think the shuttles hanging there add to the beauty...that is of course dependent upon the shuttles, LOL! Some of my shuttles add to the beauty and others are an eyesore (Not that I care because a shuttle doesn't MAKE the hands do! LOL) Anyway, I look forward to seeing the finished piece.

    Sorry to hear you are tired. Hope you're able to eat healthy and rest and take care of yourself in order to get your energy level back up! I've been experiencing a great deal of pain lately so my energy level always goes down when that happens...not to mention the worries from missing work and the financial stress that happens there. Wow, I am really rambling. I'm sorry I am not intending to take away from what you were saying. I hope you get feeling better!


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