Monday, December 07, 2009

Thank You Kelly!

I can't find an email for you so I have to do this publicly! I just had the Fringe Element folder the other day but after two days of intense sorting and moving about, I have no idea where it is!

So tonight I get home on the later side and find a card in my snail mailbox from Kelly at Tatfully Yours.

Not only did she send me a sweet little snowflake, there were Two bags of tea, spearmint tea! My favorite! I could smell them when I opened the card. I still don't have my tree up. We moved mountains at the weekend and I still have a little bit to do before I can put the tree up (like recharge my get up and go!) but I did have this little thrift tree out that I was opening up the branches on last night. It now has an official snowflake!!!!! Thank you Kelly! That was so sweet and totally unexpected!

No tatting at all from the weekend but I finished the cowl length. Still have to make the flower and button-ball. Tonight...will be an early night and very soon!


  1. You are very welcome!!! I can not believe how fast it got to you!!! We are just getting some snow now and I have only our Christmas tree to cut down on Sunday then my decorating will be done. Still alot to do!! Enjoy your tea on me today.

  2. What a sweet gesture! I love the hanger you used for the little snowflake.


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