Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tatting Tea Tuesday 12/22/09

It's now after 8:00 p.m. when I officially go Christmas shopping. It's the only way to deal with crowds! I'm not sure how much I'll do. I was going to go and then not, but I believe the weather is to turn bad tomorrow so I better do all I can. At least get the baking supplies I need.

So...last week I stopped in a thrift store and what did I find????

A teapot with my name on it!!!! Actually, it appears to be a chalkboard and the little red shelf holds a piece of chalk but chances are I will do some painting on this piece. For $1.00, I couldn't NOT get it!

Still on the tea front, there is a printable for a teabag envelope here that you can print out to give the gift of a special teabag. It's from One Pretty Thing, a source of tons of fun and very appealing things to make.

Oh look! Walking an indoor labyrinth for the Winter Solstice at Heart's Delight, a tea blog. I really want to make my own labyrinth on my own property some day. There is a cool one in Tipton, Indiana that I just love.

No doubt this post will be a bit disjointed as I want to leave soon!

Here's another goodie I picked up at the thrift store. It's a set of pillowcases to embroider.

As you can see, the embroidery has been started but just barely. Not even the entire row of French Knots so it will be easy to take out if I want another color scheme. The hoop, needle and thread were all in the package. That reminds me....I have a set of pillowcases that I've nearly finished embroidering (around 2000) and have tatted an edging to attach....guess I better finish that one up first, huh?

Here's a close up of the way the embroidery will look. I don't like the cross stitch ones so I'm thrilled to find this one!

Now what do you suppose this is? A giant hinged wire heart - but for what? LOL! It's about as big as my bedroom window. I started to include the window in the photo but it looks bad at the moment. So, do you remember this post from August? Another metal wire thingie. This might make nice (if heavy) butterfly wings. Should I paint it, lace it, hang it? Or just look at it and let it inspire me????

Okay...off to pick up gift certificates (maybe) and baking supplies (definitely).

Tea Wisdom: "While there's tea, there's hope." ~ Sir Arthur Pinero


  1. Nice find! I love embroidered pillowcases and have often bought them already worked up - sometimes available, cheap and cheerful in Chinatown.

    Happy Holidays, Gina!
    Fox : )

  2. Nice finds! You're like my sister who loves to embroider almost anything as long as it's not cross stitch! I look forward to seeing your WIP with the tatted edging.


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