Thursday, December 03, 2009

I got my shuttle tonight! It came from The Shuttle Shop, link is in my sidebar. I've wanted this shuttle for a long time but I was asked to go through the Southern Belles tatting guild. Unfortunately, no one responded to me a few years ago when I tried to make contact. This time someone did and let me know they were not the person to contact and referred me back to The Shuttle Shop. LOL! So now I've got it!

The rest of this post has been waiting in drafts. I had hoped to make a squash book and have the materials but haven't had time to make it yet. With the holiday so close, it may be awhile so thought I'd go ahead and publish it.

Fairytale Fashion with Diana Eng is hosting a series of videos leading to a fashion design. Input is expected from readers.

This is the second one. It sounds pretty technical at times and I chose to show this one because she explains the term "biomimetic". It's really just about the natural unfolding of an object.

So what does fashion have to do with tatting? One reason this intrigues me is because I'm in the design tat class which means I'm interested in design. A few years ago, we spent a lot of time in my lace guild trying to get members to think in design mode, to understand they DID have the capability to design to some degree and to get them to think outside the box (or ball or triangle or hexagon). It's amazing how resistant some people are to the idea.

Anyway, somewhere along the way, Bette Carson sent me photo of some lace displayed on a fold out book or fold out something - I really haven't quite figured it out yet. The closest I've come to it is a squashbook.

This one is about 10 minutes long but you can also go here to an already googled list of squashbook tutorials:

There's a pdf here that is helpful too.

I'm thinking this would be a delightful way to display those small motifs we all make and aren't we always looking for cool new ways to show off our tatting???

I don't know if anyone followed up my reference to the Raspberry Rabbit 12 Days of Christmas embroidery pattern giveaway. I've been disappointed so far. I've missed a day but I'm not impressed with the patterns anyway. I'll have to wait until the last day to see how they are embroidered. Maybe I'll be more impressed then. Apparently it is the same ornament each day with a new number. The design around the number is different but very plain, nothing to get excited about. If I do anything with it, all I'll do is use the basic shape which is just a round ball with a little rectangle at the top and bottom.

I'm still knitting the neck cowl. It's about half done in length. Maybe I'll take a picture of it next time. My scanner did a very poor job with the shuttle so I ended up using my camera. The picture turned out well but I'm never sure. I took a picture of something I'm working on for my SS person and it was really hard to get a good shot. I miss my HP scanner capabilities. The Canon sucks. Prints great but that's about all. Consumer Report recommended it so I'm disappointed. to bed!


  1. i got one of those shuttles through ebay. yours is pretty, with the lady. :)

    gina, thanks for sharing that video clip to make the squash book. rather interesting. do show us your little book when it's done.

  2. Love that shuttle! Anything in wood gets my vote - it's so tactile. I hope you enjoy tatting with it.
    Hugs, Chris, UK.

  3. I love that shuttle! I wouldn't mind having a collection of guild shuttles, but I figured I'd have to be a member of the guild to purchase one. Maybe I'll start saving my spare change and start that collection!

    I'll have to check out that squash book... I've never heard of it before.

    I love my Canon printer... much better than my old Lexmark, but I've never tried an HP. Mom has an HP and loves it, but can't make it scan. I guess it's all about personal experience and what you've been able to accomplish!

  4. The shuttle is amazing! Thanks for introducing me to the squash book, it IS very interesting.

  5. Your new shuttle is beautiful! I just love Shuttle Shop shuttles especially when it has some sort of tatting design on it. I love how the lady's skirt is made of tatting!

  6. Hi, Gina! Oh yah! Love the shuttle!

    I think I found your snowflake - out of about a gazillion others! I was watching them fall for a while till I realized I could search.... Fun site!
    Fox : )

    p.s. Your site looks great and is so much easier to read!

  7. Oh, I LOVE the shuttle! I just got my pattern for the Crinoline Lady. I'd love to have a shuttle with that lady on it, too!

    Thanks for sharing about the little book, too!

  8. What a beautiful shuttle - lucky you :) I drool over those beautifully carved shuttles.

    I like the idea of the squashbook for small motifs. I'm thinking it could be used for thread sampling somehow too. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Anonymous4:11 PM


    Absolutely loved the video on Miura-ori and biominetics.


  10. Thanks for posting the squash booklet tutorial. That may be the form for my valentines to each of my grandchildren this next year. I would put special photos in each of those sections.

    Now to go check out the snowflakes. I need an idea for an ornament for those same children ... and soon!


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