Friday, May 21, 2010

At some point during my hiatus from blogging, I milestoned a quarter of a million visitors. It's nice to know I'm still interesting. (Very Big Smile) I'm putting together a giveaway so stay tuned. So far, it looks like there will be 3 separate giveaways but they will take place at once.

Here's the last of my hand dyed thread. There are four that are very similar just because I wasn't clear on what was what and it was late and I was running out of steam. I plan to use some of this in my needlelace and RPL also. In fact, I already used the dark green to do the outline in my leaf. You can see it on my other lace blog.

Then, the other night, I happened to find yet MORE dye in baggies in a cup that I'd forgotten about so I decided to try dying some of my lace bobbins. I will embellish these with more paint and goodies but this is the dye-stained base.

You saw this motif before. Same thread and same pattern but without beads. Fox tatted it too, but without beads, so.....sssshhhhhh! She's become addicted to beads now and if she sees this, I know she'll do it again WITH beads!

I'm tatting the 3rd motif and deciding what fabric to use for the bag. I had something gold-ish in mind but as I walked out to refresh my drink earlier, my eyes spied this silky purple. Hmmmm....maybe? Don't forget there will be bigger beads/pearls in the center rings.

I was in Trader Buck's yesterday, a flea market sort of place, and saw a purse I really liked only because it had pintucking. I LOVE pintucking. The bag itself was too small and there were no pockets inside in the lining, plus I didn't like the round wooden handles particularly. But it did occur to me that I could use a similar design (i.e. pintucking) in addition to the original design. I still haven't converted the cm to inches to know how big the original is. I may change radically from that once I do know. LOL! I'm feeling ELABORATENESS coming on. Must be from being exposed to all the girly girly things lately! BTW, Mom, Dad & Ellie are home now and the stream of visitors continues. I'll see them again probably on Sunday. This son lives about 45 minutes away so it takes a bit of planning to "drop in". (I always call, no matter how close anyway.)

I have even more I could post about - OH - I did want to mention that I purged my friends list on facebook, limiting it to family and local friends mostly. I get to interact and keep up with the majority of my tatting friends by their blogs, listgroups and emails, so please do not feel offended that I defriended you. It just works better for me to separate it all out.

And I'm off to finish tatting that 3rd motif!


  1. Mums the word on the eads-ba to ox-Fa. But they SURE ARE PRETTY! The motifs do look really nice with purple behind them, although I can imagine gold looking lovely too. It's nice to have more than one great option to choose from!

    I love pintucks also. In fact ANY tucking or folding is appreciated by me. Check out the purse in this post.

    :) Ann

  2. It's looks like you are having a lot of fun with the dye! The threads are beautiful and it's such a neat idea to dye the bobbins! I can't wait to see how you decorate them! I didn't realize you had another lace blog so I am off to check it out! Have a wonderful weekend =)

  3. Arghhrhrhharhrhrah!!! I saw it! It will have BEADS!
    Fox ; )) ♥

  4. P.S. You are VERY interesting! I am not surprised to see that many hits!
    Fox : )

  5. heheheh...well, Fox, to help you out, it takes 30 beads for the rings and 81 for the chains. I'm not sure now why it's 81 but I think I added one to compensate for doing a split ring and using the bead for that from the ball thread. So add a few extra but you'll need 111 beads at least. Of course, if you want them in the very center too...that will require more.

  6. Beautiful motifs! and that silky purple fabric is yummy.

  7. this is a whole new world .... maybe I'll try it :)


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